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Hello, I just wanted to start a thread for those who plan on applying to the CNL program at the Medical College of Georgia next year (Fall 2011).... Read More

  1. by   sharzaejones
    Yes, @gamecockgurl is currently in the program. I am a current CNL student and this is our first semester. It has not been bad been bad so far. We heard the next semester is more intense. Currenlty we have class from 9-4 on Monday, no class on Tuesday, Clinicals from 645-330 on Wed, and lab on Thursday from class on Friday. We have 2 online classes and 2 classes in person. The first half of the semester we had lab on wed and thursday, we started clinicals the beginning of October so now we do clinicals on Thursday..hope this makes sense.....if you have any other questions just let me know...good luck!
  2. by   ayti
    @sosola The GRE exam was fair for me, it is more so the timing, I just felt I was running out of time answering the questions. Will wait to see official results , i just hope I don't have to retake. The graduate that you know from the program, did she finish from MCG? Also is she do doing the masters in NP at MCG? I think I would go ahead and apply to MCG and decide when the time comes. Do you live in atlanta? I wish they could have a campus in the atlanta area, it would attract more applicants
  3. by   sosola
    @ sharzaejones thanks for the info... Which of the campuses are u in? Whn u where preparing for the gre exams what did u use? Cos Im looking forward in taking the gre this dec.. But I really don't know what to use in preparation....
  4. by   ayti
    @sosola I used the official guide to GRE revised edition book and KAPLAN to prepare, it has a CD that you can use to practice the exam
  5. by   sosola
    @ayti., she graduated from the Macon campuse, but it's unfortunate the Macon campus is closed. Its so annoying cos I have to commute or relocate to either of the campuses, Athens or Augusta...Cos I live in Macon.. Really if they open a campus in Atl its definately going to attract more student... Well ope u register on time... U might want to consider Athens campus. Lol..Cos that where I might decide to pick... When it's time...
  6. by   ayti
    @ayti the athens campus would be closer for me too, I might have to relocate too because I am not sure I can make the commute from atlanta to athens. But then I have family in atlanta :-(
  7. by   sosola
    @ayti... I hope you have done ur registration.... So u can have a good chance to be selected. ..
  8. by   sharzaejones
    I am at the Augusta campus. The Augusta campus accepts more students than Athens. I think we have about 55 students in Augusta and 30 something in Athens. I took a prep course from Kaplan for the GRE. I also took the MAT.
  9. by   sosola
    @ayti are u through with the registration. ? So what's ur nxt step? Have u seen the gre score how was it? I really want to sit for the gre nxt month... But the thing is that I'm not prepared...
  10. by   sosola
    sure you should be almost done by now. how are you getting on?
  11. by   sosola
    hey.. are you through now with the cnl program? how did it go? like i said i applied for the fall 2012 , im writing my gre next week , and im so scared ,,, i havnt been reading anyways,, well when u wrote ur essay how did you start? pls i need a clue... cos i def hate writing,
    any clue will help...