Macon State College Nursing Program

  1. Hello everyone,

    Anyone currently or appling to the Macon State nursing program? I just took my TEAS today and I cried when I got my score. I only got a 71.8. I know that doesn't make me stand out from the rest of the students. There is no min. score so I don't know what they are looking for. I have an interview next Friday. Anyone knows if this is routine or are they just doing this now? What questions can I expect?

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  3. by   SBT85
    When I was accepted to the program in for fall 2007 interviews were not common. I have heard that several students this year are being interviewed for the program. I don't know what they will ask but good luck. I hope it goes well. Think positive about being accepted. The TEAS/NET are not the only thing they look at. If your GPA is good you have a good shot
  4. by   csweetooth
    Thanks I'm praying!! How do you like the program?
  5. by   SBT85
    I like the program a lot! The 1st semester is the hardest because of the adjustment in the way that you think about things. If you can get past 1st semester & stay focused you will be ok. Let me know how things work out for you with the program. Did you apply for BSN or ADN or both?
  6. by   csweetooth
    I applied for the BSN but now that I think about it I don't remember seeing something for both. How are the teachers? Do they really try to help you get through it all?
  7. by   SBT85
    I found out MSC only interviewed for BSN; getting interviewed is a big deal. So be excited. Its how they decided how they are going to pick 50 of the 100 being interviewed. The teachers are great. 1st semester seems like "they are out to get you" but its really not like that. If you are having difficulty go to them ASAP don't wait til half the semester is over and wonder how you will pass. It is important to go to the lab for clinical help with check off too. The lab coordinator is long winded but knows what she is talking about. Teachers will help you but you have to help yourself (I know that is a cliche saying but its the truth).
  8. by   csweetooth
    Thank you so much!! You made feel much better. I will keep you informed!!
  9. by   csweetooth
    I'm still waiting!! This is crazy. I hope they don't wait till May 1 to tell me. That's way too long!!
  10. by   SBT85
    I'm sorry you are waiting. But I was in the nursing office today and the secreataries were copying lots of forms and doing mass mailings today. I'm 90% certain it was the acceptance packets for those admitted to the RN programs @ MSC. Good luck and be positive. I'm sure you applied to several places and you'll have your pick of the litter
  11. by   flashylights
    I just received an interview scheduled for April 22nd so it looks as if the acceptance decisions won't be made until May. But this will definately be a question that I will ask them. I am sooooo nervous! I don't know what to expect! Also, has anyone heard anything about the ASN program? I thought I applied to both but I've only been receiving info about the BSN program.
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  12. by   SBT85
    I found out yesterday that one of my co-workers received a letter stating he was on the wait list for the BSN program. I'm not sure when they will send responses about the ASN program. Also he said that a final decision of whether he was in the BSN program would be the 1st of June.
  13. by   flashylights
    I found out yesterday that plenty of people have already been accepted to the BSN program and decisions for the ASN program will be mailed out next week.
  14. by   Lifeslilangel38
    I have been accepted into the BSN program. Have you heard anything yet?