LTC/rehab Pay for LPN's in metro Atlanta???

  1. whats the pay for LPN's in metro Atlanta working in LTC/rehab Nursing homes??? Please help?? Your responce is very much apreaciated.
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    You should check out
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    I'm a newly graduated PN awaiting my NCLEX test date. A girl from a previous graduating class was offered $16.00 per hour at a nursing home in Forsyth County plus shift differential. Another girl from the previous graduating class was offered a job at Northside Forsyth Med/Surg. making $18.00 per hour plus shift differential if applicable. A girl in my class was offered a job at a Pediatric Dr's Office at $16.00 per hour Monday-Friday 9-5 with great benefits. It's my understanding that you can negotiate ATLEAST $16.00 per hour and up to $18.00 per hour as a new graduate depending on the location, the shift, and your negotiating skills. Traditionally, LTC pays a bit more --- atleast that is what I hear. Nursing homes NEED you, so my plan is to use this fact to my advantage. I absolutely will not accept the first offer. Ask for higher and negotiate somewhere in the middle. Have a fantastic resume with letters of recommendation and great references. Sell yourself! They need you and you will be a great asset to their team. We are in demand, so don't be afraid to ask for what you are worth!
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    What is a LTC?
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    Long Term Care