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I periodically get PMs from people asking me about the job market in Atlanta. So I've decided to get off my lazy butt and post what I hope to be is a comprehensive topic about it. If anyone has... Read More

  1. by   MJB2010
    Anyone finding anything?
  2. by   epnurse0796
    The best way to get in to a new position is to know someone on the inside where you are wanting to go.

    What specialty?

    Also consider looking for a PRN position once you are in the door you will have a better op for position openings and can transfer.
  3. by   Seriously?!
    I live a little north of Atlanta, near Gainesville area. I'm about to take NCLEX-PN. I would really like to work in a hospital, preferably with pediatrics. The main thing I hear around here is that hospitals no longer hire LPNs. Is that true? There are LPNs at Northeast GA where I do my clinicals, but they say they have to be hired in-house or something. Am I doomed to work in LTC or home health just because I'm an LPN? I will eventually be getting my RN, but I have to have 1000 hours of LPN work first
    I wouldn't mind working at any of the hospitals around here or Athens or Gwinnett. I just need to be hired. Do any of you know where the LPN can get a hospital job around here?? Thanks!
  4. by   kimora25
    I am a nurse with 1 year of psychiatric nursing experience. I am interested in obtaining a nursing position at a hospital facility. I really would appreciate if someone can help me out and let me know if your nursing area is hiring nurse! Thank you!!
  5. by   Starting Over...
    I want to be a psych nurse too when I get my RN license but I have already been researching facilities.
    Have you tried Anchor Hospital? It is a psych hospital for substance abuse issues.
  6. by   Nurserton
    Quote from infermierequebecoise
    Does the Atlanta job market still suck as bad as it did last year this time? I'm going to try to set up interviews in the next couple of weeks since I'll be in town. Any advice as to who to send them to? I'm an RN with 3 years of experience. Also, what can I reasonably expect to make with 3 years of experience if I'm willing to work overnights/12 hr shifts etc.? Also, what about agency work? Thanks in advance
    The hospitals on the north side of Atlanta tend to pay better in general. Northside, Wellstar, Piedmont (in Buckhead), and I believe Emory pays pretty decent as well. Northside is known for their ob/gyn, not sure of your background. Tenet facilities pay crap and so do the hospitals on the south side (2 of which are Tenet). Agency is all but dead here, save for some home health stuff.
  7. by   Nurserton
    I should add that Piedmont just announced huge layoffs, and Emory just lost a big chunk of govt funding for some reason or another. And even the hospital I'm at now, they are looking to cut, cut, cut costs. The economy here is not very good. GA is on the list of top 10-20 states with the lowest employment, etc. People just come here cuz it's hot without ascertaining the economic market.
  8. by   Nurserton
    Another hint for new grads, Wellstar hires GOBS of them, even into ER and critical care. Despite the economy, they have managed to maintain a large residency program. Of course, who know how long it'll continue.
  9. by   purley723
    Thank you so much for this insightful information. I am looking to move to GA (ATL) area in the next couple of months. I am a LPN and will be a RN in a few weeks or so. Please feel free to PM with any other information about employment opportunities available in the area. Thanks again
  10. by   Swiftspeed
    Can anyone tell me how much is the pay rate ranges for LPN's in Atlanta and Dekalb? and How much the pay rate for RN's in Atlanta and Dekalb?
  11. by   jennys77
    Any update on the employment situation in Atlanta? It seems as though lots of new grads are having issues finding jobs, but I don't know if those grads are in Atlanta or not.

    I start my BSN program hopefully this fall and am already stressing about if I will even have a job within six months of graduating. At least I won't be looking until summer of 2014. Maybe the situation will be better by then.
  12. by   KimberlyRN89
    Quote from jennys77
    Any update on the employment situation in Atlanta? It seems as though lots of new grads are having issues finding jobs, but I don't know if those grads are in Atlanta or not.
    I'd like to gain input on this as well. I'm an LPN, and will complete my BSN program in Spring 2013. I currently work in corrections, and I'd really like to work in a hospital. But if that isn't feasible, I'd happily continue on in corrections. So, how's the job market doing in the ATL fellow nurses??