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I periodically get PMs from people asking me about the job market in Atlanta. So I've decided to get off my lazy butt and post what I hope to be is a comprehensive topic about it. If anyone has... Read More

  1. by   MidLifeRNstudent2010
    Hi All - I am interested in working in Atlanta upon graduation with an ASN, RN. Do ATL area hospitals prefer BSN to ASN? How are the opportunities in ATL for new grads? I plan to apply to Emory and Grady GN internships about 5 months before graduation. Thank you for the great posts on the GA site --
  2. by   Ketisha79
    Great info!! Thanks I was thinking of relocating closer with family!
  3. by   natsirt21
    Thanks for all the info!
    I'm new to this website, to Atlanta and actually the US, so the info is helpful.
    I've actually applied for a New Grad position at most of the places you mentioned. I've been looking for work since April with no success. It looks like the New Grad programs are super competative because of cut backs.
    If anyone has any connections to Childrens Healthcare Atlanta, or any NICU's, I'm looking in those areas. I've actually done a new grad program but unfortunately because I have <1 years experience, I'm told I need to do another. HELP! Any ideas anyone?
  4. by   Dofarel
    Hey ya'll. Im an Irish nurse living in Atlanta with a year and a half. I trained and graduated in Ireland with a BSc in nursing science and have four years experience working as an RN in Ireland and australia. I mainly worked in med, surg, ortho and spinal rehab.

    I am a permanent resident here in the states. Passed the NCLEX March 09. Have original licencure in Vermont and am waiting for one thing that is pending on my Georgia licence. I have applied for over twenty rn positions and havnt had any positive feedback. When I spoke with two recruiters they asked me to come in and meet the ward manager for 1) weekends only and 2) nights only. I didnt apply for these positions and am wondering now should I have settled for the scrap jobs that are being offered to me.

    Does anyone have advice on how I should go about getting the jobs I want? I know that because im an Irish nurse with no US experience I will need some additional orientation but I feel im not being given a chance to prove myself in an interview because I am an Irish nurse.
  5. by   WhichWayIsUp?
    I completed a job search in April after a 3 month period. I found jobs nonexistent inside the city. If you go outside, and I mean way outside, you are likely to find a hospital that needs you. However, you will likely need to take what you can get until this economy improves. Good luck.
  6. by   fltrn90
    anyone have any idea what hourly salary is like for someone with almost 2 years experience in ICU in ATL area?
  7. by   meg816
    This sticky is wayyyyy out of date. There are no jobs in Atlanta as far as I can tell.
  8. by   Mandylpn
    Quote from natsirt21
    thanks for all the info!
    i'm new to this website, to atlanta and actually the us, so the info is helpful.
    i've actually applied for a new grad position at most of the places you mentioned. i've been looking for work since april with no success. it looks like the new grad programs are super competative because of cut backs.
    if anyone has any connections to childrens healthcare atlanta, or any nicu's, i'm looking in those areas. i've actually done a new grad program but unfortunately because i have <1 years experience, i'm told i need to do another. help! any ideas anyone?
    hello, you may have to consider taking any job (nights, weekends, etc.) just to get a foot in the door while you are looking for what you really want. i've found the nursing job market very depressed down here.
  9. by   brown eyed girl
    Quote from meg816
    This sticky is wayyyyy out of date. There are no jobs in Atlanta as far as I can tell.
    AMEN TO THAT! It has been my very recent experience that no organization wants to train you if you want to break out of your norm. The dialysis jobs with a major company have plenty jobs available, but if you have no experience, they won't consider you; which is funny considering that their website states "no experience necessary." The others that I have seen and applied for have strict guidelines for years of experience in a particular setting including the temp services. Applying for a job in the metro-area is joke but Im not laughing that's for sure. Yet, I keep trying.
  10. by   infermierequebecoise
    Does the Atlanta job market still suck as bad as it did last year this time? I'm going to try to set up interviews in the next couple of weeks since I'll be in town. Any advice as to who to send them to? I'm an RN with 3 years of experience. Also, what can I reasonably expect to make with 3 years of experience if I'm willing to work overnights/12 hr shifts etc.? Also, what about agency work? Thanks in advance
  11. by   ceegarcia
    im trying to get into a college too and i also want to be an lvn or cna idk even how to start all this really confused on what school to start at...
  12. by   WhichWayIsUp?
    I truly appreciate the efforts that this OP made in creating the original thread. However, unfortunately, the Atlanta job market has completely changed sinced 2006. I wish a new thread could be posted and folks that actually know what is happening today could post updates. I talk to a lot of nurses across the Atlanta area and there is a real sense of frustration with the job market. Nurses are feeling trapped and not able to move to get out of bad working conditions, much like people trying to sell their homes. The big concern is that no hospital in the Atlanta area is providing a good worklife experience for nurses. I do not belive that is true but no one is really stepping up and saying I work at ABC Hospital in Atlanta and it is wonderful and we have tons of jobs!
  13. by   arnie1234
    Hi I agree. We need some news.
    I am seeking to change employers- and have had to go to each hospital website to see what's going on.
    Does anyone work downtown?