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Wondering if anyone out there has applied for KSU's BSN program to start spring '10. I applied and am still anxiously waiting to see if I get an interview. Let me know if you've heard anything!... Read More

  1. by   futurenurse0707
    Nope, I still haven't heard anything. I get my hopes up at the mailbox everyday though.
  2. by   carebear86
    Hello all! I applied to the KSU accelerated program for Spring 2010. I still haven't heard anything either.
  3. by   lavendersapphire
    I'm applying for the fall 2010 term but just wanted to say good luck to everyone. I'll be stalking this thread and living through you guys until it's my turn, lol.
  4. by   futurenurse0707
    Well, I still haven't heard anything. But I need some advice. Assuming I do get accepted and start school in January, I have to find daycare for my son who will be just over a year old. I've never had him in daycare. The going rate for decent daycares in my area (Smyrna) is $200+ per week. I haven't quite figured out how in the world to afford that on just my husbands salary. Does anyone know of anything decent but more affordable in Smyrna or Kennesaw areas? I can't take out that much in loans, that would be ridiculous. Any suggestions are welcome!
  5. by   scarlettheart
    I too am waiting "patiently" to hear about Spring 2010. My heart pounds every day I go to the mailbox! Futurenurse0707, as far as your dilemma, maybe see if some early education students who are going part time and looking for some extra money might be available. Of course, check and see if they have ref/ exp, etc. I know it is so expensive, other than than that I can't think of any other options...
  6. by   tinasimp08
    since we are all applying to the same program, has anyone found useful info on interviewing? I believe that I have good social skills... interviews just freak me out a little. I also met a girl who graduated from KSU-RN program and she said the interviews are somewhat intense.
  7. by   futurenurse0707
    From what I've read in some other threads, you should prepare for the typical job interview type questions. They will probably ask why you have chosen to pursue nursing and what experience you have in the medical field. Also found some information that said they may ask to tell about times when you dealt with difficult patients/customers and how you handled it. That is all I could find.
  8. by   futurenurse0707
    P.S. Anyone hear anything yet? Still no news here.
  9. by   tinasimp08
    So I finally got ahold of someone this morning in the office...letters will hopefully be out by the end of this month. But, thats what they told me last month. Have any of you applied to other programs? Im about to start my application to MCG
  10. by   carebear86
    I'm applying to a couple different schools. Most nursing schools require you to apply almost a year in advance and I don't want to depend on an acceptance to only one school. It's a good idea to apply to at least a couple different schools to keep your options open.
  11. by   sjgimpel
    Hi everyone! I've been reading different threads for months now and I'm so grateful I can finally be a part of one! I received my KSU interview letter today for the Spring 2010 traditional program. I literally can't believe it! Anybody else apply for the same program or is everyone trying for the accelerated? Either way, good luck!!
  12. by   scarlettheart
    I have applied for the traditional program as well and got my interview letter today too. I am so relieved, happy and nervous. Good luck to all and start checking the mail, the letters are out!
  13. by   tinasimp08
    Congrats to both of you! I keep checking the thread to see if anyone has received anything yet.