Kennesaw State University FNP

  1. I am interested in pursuing my MSN and considering the FNP program at Kennesaw State. I haven't seen too many posts about it. Is there anyone familiar with the rigor of the program?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   bbcewalters
    I know a couple of people that have been through their program. They are a well regarded school and I'm sure it's a great program.
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   NeuroRehabRN
    I received my BSN from there and felt very prepared for both the boards and for practice. I few of my friends have gone back for their MSN and loved the program. I am looking into myself, I just hate that the GRE is required .
  5. by   Shan_Nurse
    Thanks for replying!
  6. by   Shan_Nurse
    I hate having to take the GRE too! I think Grad programs should get rid of the GRE as a requiremt for admission because not every program requires it. Or it should be based on a minimum GPA.
  7. by   GaRehabRN
    Well I ended up applying and got in!!! I start in the Fall of 2018 :-D.
  8. by   fsl1983
    I have also heard great things about ksu's fnp program. I applied there starting fall 2018. So I'm waiting to see the outcome of my application. Is it true classes are on weekends? This will help those who are still full-time RN's.
  9. by   mandi2016
    Yes. I got accepted for fall but I'm waiting for my admit packet in the mail. The one I got via email said classes are every other weekend. I'm not sure if that's Friday, sat, sun or just sat, sun.
  10. by   mandi2016
    I've heard that the program is very competitive to get into and that it's a great program, however I can not find any details online to support this. I have called the Georgia Board of Nursing for pass rates for the exam and they said they do not keep that info. I called the school for pass rates and they don't have numbers either. I just want to make sure I will be prepared to sit for the exam and get a good job when the program is complete.
  11. by   GaRehabRN
    The classes are every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first semester consists of four hours of class time for each day. There are other virtual assignments due during the week as well, and 90 hours of clinical time for the first semester.