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Just wondering if anyone out there is planning to apply to Kennesaw State for the Fall of 2013. I know the deadline is 3 months away, but I wanted to get a thread started for anyone interested in... Read More

  1. by   curiosity817
    @stoopkid : my undergrad was in biology from KSU as well. My teas was a 93, my Pre-req GPA was around 3.75ish, but my undergrad GPA was much, much lower. I applied for the accelerated program and have had an interview but no one knows if they have been accepted yet. I would think you have a good chance.
  2. by   molls4
    Quote from Stoopkid
    Hey KSU students, I'm not applying for the fall but I am gunning for the 2014 spring accelerated program. I had a couple of questions:

    Would a 3.68 pre-req GPA along with a 86 on the Teas give me a good shot? My overall GPA as a undergrad (for bio) was a 3.37.

    Also, do they take healthcare experience/microbiology research into consideration?

    I already got accepted into Gwinnett Tech for THIS fall but it kind of irks me thinking I received my Bachelors in Bio for no reason so through the advice of a friend who is currently in the accelerated program, I'm strongly considering applying here and Ga State.

    Thanks and good luck ladies and gents.
    I tried to message you but I couldn't since you haven't posted enough. In currently in the accelerated program at KSU and applied (was accepted) to GSU.

    Your stats are fine for the program. Tough decision since you got into a program already! Congrats are in order! KSU takes 40/60 that interview for accelerated. The app is one page and no previous medical experience or volunteer experience is taken into account initially. It may help during the interview to show that nursing is your passion. For GSU, they have two specific classes required for ACE- only offered at GSU and required completion prior to starting the program. Therefore, I had to apply to traditional because of application timing. Their app takes into account the prior experience- check out their thread for point distribution. GSU's traditional is 6 semesters long- almost 3 years! I have friends with bachelors who got into ASN programs and are fine with their degrees. If their hospitals make them go back for their BSN, then they will-- but not until then. You can always start Gwinnett and transfer or do a bridge later on. Hope this background info helps!
  3. by   stephanie.
    Not in town to check my mail. Anything...anyone?
  4. by   amjohn
    Nothing today at my house
  5. by   kcox36
    Just got word people are starting to receive letters! I live in Marietta and still haven't gotten my letter. My friend who lives in Fayette got hers today. I am so anxious and nervous idk what to do!! I wish mail ran on Sundays!
  6. by   stephanie.
    Some people have already registered for classes.
  7. by   kcox36
    I see that!! But they haven't even opened Pathophysiology yet! I've tried to register for Holistic and Health Assessment and it says prereq and test score error. Anyone else having that same problem? I hope that doesn't mean I didn't get in
  8. by   stephanie.
    Me too
  9. by   stephanie.
    I had a friend check my mail- nothing yet. I'm in Smyrna.
  10. by   kcox36
    I am hoping that the hold just hasn't been lifted off of owl express for us yet. Or maybe there is something we have to do once we receive the letter. This has really got me scared now
  11. by   stephanie.
    Did you apply to another school?
  12. by   molls4
    Quote from kcox36
    I am hoping that the hold just hasn't been lifted off of owl express for us yet. Or maybe there is something we have to do once we receive the letter. This has really got me scared now
    Don't freak out yet. When I was accepted, they emailed us a few weeks later to send us instructions on how to register because they definitely haven't lifted a hold. There will either be instructions in your acceptance letter or they'll email you. Not being able to register or info not changing in degreeworks is no indication of acceptance or denial.
  13. by   kcox36
    No i just applied here. Its my first shot too. Luckily I still have a few gen ed courses left to take in the fall as a back up plan in case I don't get in this go around.