How to find Externships in Georgia?

  1. Hi all! I am looking to find a fun but challenging Externship for the Summer of 2006. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I should go about finding the best one that will suit me? I have looked at hospital websites but am having trouble finding anything about externships. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
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  3. by   kimtab
    Pick up the phone and call HR at the hospitals you want to work at. They don't always put that info out on their websites.
  4. by   AdonaiLoveable
    start your search and put in applications early in the spring semester! some of the atl hospitals get bombarded with applications for nurse externs. i think the best programs are at the atlanta va medical center (contact tom badgers for an application: ), st. joseph's hospital - atlanta (maribeth hartman at or call (404) 851-7596 ), and piedmont hospital - atlanta (jo ellen hooker, rn, bsn, director of nursing resources...i don't have her e-mail or number handy, but you can call the hospital directly and be connected).

    i worked at the atlanta va last summer and it was a wonderful experience. you worked one-on-one with a preceptor the whole summer. i got to spend half the summer in the or and the other half in the micu. some other externs also worked in the pacu or er.

  5. by   reneedeana
    I am looking for RN externship/ preceptorship after finding out I need 350 hours of clinicals due to attending non-traditional school. HELP! For GA>
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    Hi reenedeana,

    I'm not sure if you noticed but this post was created in 2005.
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    You could start a new post.
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    you are exactly right. I will as soon as I get some more information. I will do whatever it takes to help other students!
  9. by   GGT1
    When are you looking to start an Externship? Most extern programs are held during the summer. Are you graduating soon, is it an Internship that you are looking for?

    Personally, I know that Dekalb, Gwinnett, and North East Georgia all have extern programs.

    I'm a little con
    fused about you comment regarding clinical hours, I don't remember ever being asked how many clinical hours I had. On my resume I listed the clinical rotations I had completed, but never the hours.
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