Hepatitis B Vaccination

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a Hepatitis B vaccination in Cobb County?
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  3. by   dallasga123
    You can go to the health department. My guess is that all the health dept would give them. I had mine done at the health department in Acworth(Cobb Co) and I was out in thirty minutes.
  4. by   Blessed2009
    Thank you for the info. Do you know how much it cost?
  5. by   Definingmyfuture
    I don't live in Georgia, but, I know the health department where I live said that without insurance it would cost about $175 for the first shot and $162 for the second and $162 for the third. It is very expensive without insurance. I am going to volunteer at the hospital this summer and I was told that by volunteering that they will give immunizations for free, I was going to volunteer anyway for the experience but it would be a nice bonus, I am going to check it out.