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  1. I have been working as a cna since a few years and i recently got a job as a ccp at WellStar Kennestone Hospital. I am also a certified patient care technician, phlebotomist and ekg tech. I am thinking about being an RN( 2 years program online). But the problem is i have four kids and my husband is a truck driver and i am from another country.What do i need in order to enroll in an online rn program? Thanks in advance ...

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    As far as I know, there are no online RN programs for prelicensure people ... they are usually bridge programs requiring that you be an LPN. Prelicensure programs are going to require clinicals, which can't be done online. Was there a particular school you were looking at? They would be able to provide the best information as to how you can enroll.
  4. by   Jhely06182009
    Hi! Thanks for replying. I am in Georgia and i don't have a particular school but i just need an online program lpn or rn

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  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Again, there won't be online programs for people who are prelicensure -- clinicals will have to be done in person. There are a few programs that have online classes and clinicals in person, but I don't know of any in Georgia.
  6. by   Jhely06182009
    I know about the clinicals and thanks again

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  7. by   T-Bird78
    Georgia doesn't recognize any online RN programs. You can complete it but can't sit for your boards. If you're not licensed at all then go to a regular school. Georgia Highlands has campuses in Cartersville, Marietta, Rome, and one more location, Kennesaw State has a nursing program but there's a long wait to get in. Chattahoochee Tech has a great nursing program also, as does West Georgia. Some of them may offer online classes for your prerequesites (med term, A&P, etc.) but the actual nursing part must be done in the building. Heck, be glad you even got an interview, let alone a job, with Kennestone! I've been trying for years to get in with Wellstar and have never gotten a phone call, let alone an interview!
  8. by   Jhely06182009
    Thank you. I have been applying for so long at WellStar and finally got what i wanted. Thanks God so keep applying and have faith. God bless!

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  9. by   BeeCaring22
    I'm a ccp tech at Kennestone also the benifits are great there! I'm in school but I don't have any children yet, but keep striving and something will come through for you.