Has Georgia Perimeter Nurisng gotten.....

  1. any better? I was just curious to see if anyone is still in the program, and if they were, has it improved? I have read so many bad things about this school. I was hoping that they've gotten their act together. :trout:

    I've already been accepted to Gwinnett Tech LPN program, but am also waiting to hear from GPC.

    Any views on their experiences would be appreciated. There has to be ONE person out there that has something decent to say.

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  3. by   nursinginga
    Hey there:
    I also posted this under the Georgia Perimeter College link. I was the one that started that one. I do have to say that GPC is difficult, but as you see below, it is changing. There are still a lot of us left from Aug '06 and it is so much better to get your RN license (with a little more time) than an LPN license. God bless good luck and I hope everything works out well.

    Well....Update time...from the one that originally started this post.
    Things at GPC are slowing making a change for the better. We have had several talks with professionals and they have listened to us (the students) about issues that we see as being problems with the program. Our class has actually kept most of the students thus far. We have 50 left out of I think 74, and we also have many students at the Lawrenceville campus left too. The new class of Fundamentals is doing very well also. There have been changes made all around, but as most can see, it does take time.
    I am very glad that the instructors (most of them) are listening to our concerns and I hope that it continues this way.
    I have come to realize that most all nursing programs are tough and you must give 200% dedication to pass and although there are many things that we can groan about, there are many things we can be thankful for (like being able to get a job right out of nursing school and having lots of clinical experience by graduation).
    I am now averaging a B in Med/Surg, but it hasn't been easy. I do hope that everyone that looks at this willtalk with other students (as many as possible) and learn from different aspects of the program and decide . Weigh your options (good vs bad).
    Good luck to each and every one of you and I hope and pray for you all to succeed and help to stomp out this nursing shortage.
  4. by   ga girl
    Hey! I am a current GPC nursing student. Like westheat said- I believe also that things are slowly changing for the better at GPC. It has been a long time coming! The president of the college (a new one) came and talked to us and wanted to know what we thought-good and bad. Low and behold...he listened! I really believe that he wants to make a difference and make the students happy. There are still some issues that need to be addressed but I am just happy someone is willing to help us students who are working so hard to become nurses.
    I would recommend GPC to anyone else. I have friends in other nursing schools and from what they say-all schools have their issues. My advice is to keep your head low, study hard and give it your best-that is what will make you succeed. Hope this helps anyone considering GPC.
  5. by   GAbuzzfan
    That's good to know that GPC is getting better. I was very worried for a while.

    I have a question about scheduling. I see the first semester, for the first 5 weeks, class is pretty much 5 days a week. Does this include the clinicals? And, after those 5 weeks are passed, it drops to just 2 days for half a day each. Clinicals in addition to this?

    I'm trying to figure out if I can work some hours part time at my job after those initial weeks to help pay for all this.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. by   nursinginga
    This schedule does not include clinical...You won't start clinical until about the 8th to 9th week (I can't remember for sure). The best thing to do is only work on the weekends and possibly Monday. You will not want to work during the week. Our schedule was Tues and Wed-Lecture and then once clinical started, that was on Thur and Fri. But, you must include your skills check-offs. Those are usually by a sign-up sheet. I hope this helps you. Good luck. I don't remember if it was every day when I started, but I don't believe it was. They just schedule it this way because the first month is very busy and I believe they want to let the students know that they must be flexible during this time.