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Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any... Read More

  1. by   Brazilian nurse
    Thanks troop!! After evaluating all the options I think KSU will be a great option for me. You should think about it.. I know the distance is not the best thing, but you need less nursing credit hours to graduate at KSU, which allows you to graduate faster and have a little "lighter" semester.. don't think you can call nursing school light in anyway but.. Keep us posted about your stats!!!

    Joybaby, are you talking about GSU wait list? What number are you? Did you get wait listed at KSU also?
  2. by   troop949
    Quote from joybaby
    Man, I didn't get in either. The only then in the checklist was to re-ake 3 classes that I have a B in..seriously? ... persp.. english.. and stat...
    They didn't list any classes that I need to re-take. However, I think the fact that I have several pre-reqs "in progress" hurt...I couldn't get the points for those on my application.

    BTW, I'm now finished with A&P I, and I'm getting an A, so *woot*!
  3. by   troop949

    If anyone out there is still checking this thread.....

    I met with an advisor at the nursing school yesterday to discuss the specifics of why I was on the waiting list. After all the application points were added up, I wound up being 0.2 points away from the average point total of the accepted applicants. I had a total of 21.8 pts., people who were accepted had an average of 22 pts. So, I was --->this close<--- to making the cut, LOL. I have two B+ and one B in my "Area D" science series, and the only thing the advisor suggested would be to try to retake those classes to get A's. Those B's lowered my program GPA (3.68) a bit. She advised that a program GPA of 3.8 or better would make me more competitive. However, I wouldn't be able to retake those classes by Spring 2013, and the advisor said it was up to me to decide it would be worth it or not. The good news is that when the final grades come in for this past semester, I expect to get A's in two of pre-req classes, so that should bump up my program GPA. I also still have 3 pre-reqs to complete in summer, so if I do well in those, my GPA will be increased as well.

    Other notes:
    *Someone (not me) has already been accepted from the waiting list, so it does happen. But, a person was also added to the waiting list, so I'm still in the same spot as a few weeks ago - #4 for the ACE track.

    *A few people (2, I think) who were accepted have not yet committed to the school, so the advisor will be following up with them. If they do not respond within a few days, then they will look to fill their spots with people on the waiting list.

    *The waiting list is active up until the first day of the semester. Anything can happen, so some acceptees may decline/drop out at the last minute, and their spot would be filled by someone on the waiting list.

    *The admissions rubric will be changed slightly starting in Spring 2013. Points will be assessed based on an applicant's volunteer activities - I did not ask for details about this (I'm sure they will be posted soon anyway), but if you know of someone who will be applying in the next year, tell them to do some volunteer work before applying!

    *If someone from the waiting list is accepted, the school will make several attempts to contact the student, via phone, email, and voice mail. The rumor that the student is only given one chance to answer "the call" is not true! :-)

    *If you're on the waiting list and want to re-apply for the following semester, you DO NOT have to submit a whole new application. You can go the the School of Nursing website and do an "Application Update". You do not have to re-submit your essay, short answers, or recommendation letters.

    So, my advice to future applicants is the following:
    -Try to have a program GPA of at least a 3.8 before applying.
    -The more A's you have, the better!
    -Volunteer. It couldn't hurt, and will definitely help you in your career, not just for applying to nursing school.
    -Don't be afraid to talk to an advisor at the School of Nursing if you have questions. They are there to help, and can help you navigate your way through the annoying application process.

    I'm still feeling good about my chances for getting in for Fall 2012. I will also do an application update for Spring 2013. I have 3 classes to take this summer, so I'm not going to waste time worrying about where exactly I am on the waiting list. Ultimately, the decision is in His hands. I'll still be a nurse someday!
  4. by   peachshan
    Thank you troop949 for the useful information! I need to step my GPA up to be competitive. I am taking A&P and Micro prerequisites a t GPC now. I have a question...even thong GSU accepted my Micro from awhile back, will they accept my new Micro grade if its better?
  5. by   troop949
    I would think they would take the highest grade, but you'd have to confirm that the GPC course as an equivalent. I'd check with the GSU School of Nursing to be 100% sure, though.
  6. by   breezy7
    Crossing my fingers for you, troop! I still thnk it's very likely that you'll get in with the #4 spot
  7. by   troop949
    Quote from breezy7
    Crossing my fingers for you, troop! I still thnk it's very likely that you'll get in with the #4 spot
    Thanks breezy! We'll see what happens.....
  8. by   peachshan
    For the essay, did you guys write about a healthcare issue that is occuring now or any issue that is personal to you? I wasn't sure which direction I go with the essay.
  9. by   troop949
    Mine was a little of both, ummnasim. I wrote about how the healthcare system is increasing its focus on disease prevention, and how nursing is an important part of that. Disease prevention/health promotion is something I feel strongly about, because I have a background in public health. The hardest part of the essay for me was keeping it to 2 pages!
  10. by   peachshan
    Thanks troop949! I am just a little nervous about this process.
  11. by   troop949
    Don't be too nervous about the essay. It's not worth all that many points. I think the key to the essay is to make sure it is grammatically correct, and to state your position clearly. I don't think the topic itself holds too much weight, but write about a healthcare issue that you care about.
  12. by   breezy7
    Hey, everyone! Long time, no talk. How is everyone handling the packet on PINS? I'm planning on tackling the health reqs during the first week of summer classes. Can't wait to finish that packet!
  13. by   troop949
    Hey breezy! I don't know what all is in that packet, but it sounds like a job to get through it. So much for those of us who thought getting accepted was the "easy" part, LOL.