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Hi, Future nursing student here. I'm going to a campus visit day at Gordon soon. Has anyone heard positive things about their ADN program? I live about an hour and 15 minutes from there.... Read More

  1. by   GApeach1978
    Where do I begin, the program can be overwhelming by all means. Just keep yourself organized. Also, the tests are NOTHING like A&P and Micro, they are more application based and critical thinking. Always ask "why"? Yes you do have to READ, some nights I was reading over 100 pages. Which sucked...... I started reading the boxes within the chapter and the highlighted points, and I did the learning outcomes from the course book ( you should get this during Camp I Can) then I would do the study guides. They both helped out alot. I have managed to keep a B in every class. So its doable. Also, make sure you get all the required books. Most of the recommended books I never even opened. I do suggest that you get the recommended book, "Nursing Care Plans" This was a agreat guide for those awful concept and care maps that you have to do for clinicals. Please feel free to ask me anything. Good Luck!!!!
  2. by   sheridan3456
    Thanks alot to all of you current and former Gordon student's!! Those are Great tips for us future nursing students who want to go to Gordon. I look forward to the journey! :smiletea2:
  3. by   JennicaRN

    I graduated from Gordon in 1995. Aced the NCLEX...it was easy compared to a lot of the exams I took there. It was a great deal financially, too. My sister went to Kennesaw State and is still paying off student loans.
  4. by   lifesabeach
    2007 graduate here. I have nothing but good to say about Gordon! Now, it was one of the toughest things I have done in my life....but well worth it. The professors are awesome. The school has a great reputation and very high pass rate for NCLEX. My best friend is graduating this May from there and already has a job offer! Definitely a great school....but, be prepared to work hard.

    Good Luck.