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  1. I'm planning on applying to GPC's program in January. Is there any nursing students who have already been accepted? If so can you tell me what your GPA was and teas score? I made Bs in all of my biology courses and labs and I am thinking about retaking two of them for As. I really want to improve my chances, I applied at Athens tech two years in a row and was not accepted either time so I am feeling very discouraged at this point. any advice from nursing students would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Nurse2B2016
    Hello. I can't really help w my personal gpa info or teas score as I haven't taken test yet and taking a&p1 in the fall (my sciences are over 6 years old) but I went to GPC's nursing information session yesterday and the director of the nursing program said they average the two grades if u retake a course that is the same. Also she said for teas scores they tend to see a lot in the 70's and upper 60's. That's the average. Some do get in the 80's but not many. The minimum they will take is 63 total adjusted score. 63 for reading and 63 for math. But obviously the highest u could get is best as its competitive. I'm looking to take the teas in December or early January. Just received the ATI study manual. Just going to work hard and hope for the best. I'm extremely nervous tho. Not gonna lie. I can't handle too many rejections
  4. by   GaNicuRN14
    I haven't taken the teas yet either. I registered to retake a&p2 and micro in the fall but i'm really having a hard time deciding if its worth it. I'm transferring from a different school so I wonder if they would still average the two grades. I'm just so nervous and I don't want to spend all this money and not make it in!
  5. by   Nurse2B2016
    I totally feel your pain. That question was answered at the info session. Wether transferred in or not they will average the two grades. The only time they will take the better of the two grades is when they give a choice to take two classes like the US History course. They would then take the better of two. She did say she wouldn't advise retaking it unless u will greatly improve your grade like if u originally got a C. I haven't applied anywhere else. Am so nervous about this whole admissions process. The Teas science portion has me going crazy
  6. by   Nurse2B2016
    Are u taking a&p 2 along with Micro?
  7. by   GaNicuRN14
    Yeah I had registered to take them both together since I've taken them before and I wanted to have them done before applying in January. Now i'm thinking I might better change them though if its not going to help
  8. by   Nurse2B2016
    To be truthful I wouldn't retake them. Just my two cents. Did u get B's in all sciences? And when are u planning to take the TEAS V? I wanted to take it beginning of January but they only have dates until December 8th posted so I'm not sure.
  9. by   GaNicuRN14
    Yeah i'm really glad you told me that the averaged it out I had no idea. I made Bs in all of my Biol classes and all Bs in the labs. Do you know if they pay attention to your GPA as a whole or just certain classes? I'm coming from Athens tech and they only look at a certain 5 classes- the 3 biol, math and English. I think i'm probably going to take the teas in November or December I need to sign up and buy thestudy guide so I can start studying now. Are you planning on applying for the 2013 program?
  10. by   GaNicuRN14
    Another thing, when I asked the lady how many students they accept she said 200 students for 160 slots. Do you know what she meant by that because I didn't really understand.
  11. by   TygasPoohbear
    Hey aelmo14, There's a thread for GPC fall 2012 nursing and other GPC threads that have very helpful information you all may want to take a look at them.
  12. by   Nurse2B2016
    I'm not sure what they mean by that either. They said the same at the info session. If u go on the gpc website go to programs and it will list all general elective courses. They look at your sciences GPA and your general elective GPA. the general electives would be ALL non science courses that GPC requires for their nursing program. English1, us history, math etc yes I'm hoping to apply in jan 2013. I'm taking a&p1 in the fall then taking the teas and hoping for the best. I'm praying to make an A but I dont know. A&P is no joke and I've chosen a pretty hard teacher from what I hear :-/
  13. by   GaNicuRN14
    Well good luck! Hopefully we both make it in! Yeah a&p is definitely tough but the best advice is to just stay on top of it and make time to study everyday. I made the mistake of studying just before tests and it made it more difficult.
  14. by   Nurse2B2016
    Thanks for the tip! And I too wish you the very best of luck!