GA Nursing Roll Call

  1. Hello All,

    I am Jay one of the moderators of the GA Forum. I welcome everyone to this great site and this forum. This forum is for Nurses and Nursing students to talk about nursing issues related to GA Nursing. Please feel free to announce yourself in this thread.

    I also ask that in doing so, if you have any questions please start a new thread with that question so that this can remain a roll call thread only.

    Please adhere to the Terms of Service.

    Please refrain from posting such things as "Is this hospital good/bad?" Such post are just hear-say and thus unhelpful to you as the original poster. It is better to check the facility out for yourself.

    Happy Posting,
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  3. by   VickyRN
    Hi! I'm "Vicky," one of the comoderators of this forum. Not officially from Georgia, but my son is stationed at Ft. Benning (Columbus). Does this count? LOL Anyway, look forward to hearing about you all and where you are from.
  4. by   trixytop4
    I'm Linda and I live in Warner Robins Georgia. Hope to have some great discussions
  5. by   teedy9
    Hi I'm from Albany, GA. New grad working in Rehab but want to work Med/Surg or Oncology.
  6. by   Jarnaes
    Hello VickyRN, I'm one of the nurses at Fort Benning. Nice to meet you.
  7. by   jamangel
    Angel from Augusta
  8. by   Jarnaes
    Hello Angel- I see we've both worked in corrections... do you still work in that field? I'm currently in the OR, but I miss the corrections environment and plan to pick up something part time in the Columbus area.
  9. by   jamangel
    I work corrections prn. I work it enough that it feels like part-time. Presently, I work Rehab at the VA hospital. I love Corrections but my husband isn't crazy about me doing it. It's simple and I feel like I make a difference. I know some people don't understnad why it makes a difference in that environment but I'm not judge or jury, you know. I'm just there to try and meet their medical needs. What kind of nursing do you do now?
  10. by   Jarnaes
    OR nurse, it's pretty cool, but I really miss corrections.
  11. by   jamangel
    Sorry I missed that previously that you work in OR; try PRN nursing.
  12. by   nu2this
    hello everyone,
    i'm what some georgians call an "implant". i've relocated to union city, ga via boston, massachusetts. i'm at the good ol' grady hospital, emergency room-a whole 'nother world from what i've been told and from what i've experienced so far.
  13. by   diva_nurse
    I'm gina a transplant from Ohio currently living in South Hall county
  14. by   NurseL427

    hi, i'm leisa and i'm 44 years old and from a little town called waynesville. we are right in between waycross and brunswick. i've been a nurse for 18 years, and have most recently worked in psych. nursing with teenage drug & alcohol addiction girls. the facility is closing soon, and i had to find another job. i will be going to work for a group of oral surgeons. my heart will be with these girls though, as they have to go out and face the world again, and 50% of them or more definately are not ready. merry christmas and a happy new year to all. may god bless each and every one of you.:spin: