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Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get a quick ATT in the state of Georgia? I really need to take the NCLEX ASAP after graduation. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Emile
    GaMommy I understand your frustration, after I submitted all my information my application continued to say pending for almost two weeks. the only thing that said completed initially was that I had paid my application fee. All of my documents say complete now but it still say pending by NCLEX eligible. I was under the impression that once all my stuff said completed I would be eligible but apparently not. Ill just practice question while i wait I guess.
  2. by   GaMommy81
    I guess I should sit back and enjoy the ride then. Great.
  3. by   Emile
    GaMommy I just got my ATT today, I scheduled for June 5th.
  4. by   GaMommy81
    Yay! Good luck. Hopefully mine will be along soon.
  5. by   Emile
    Thanks, 2 of my classmates got theirs today as well and the funny thing is it never said NCLEX eligible when we checked our application status.
  6. by   GaMommy81
    Guess what? I just got my ATT. That was much sooner than I thought.
  7. by   Emile
    Congrats!! I guess they decided to wake up today. Several of my friends got theirs today as well. keep me posted Good Luck!!!
  8. by   GaMommy81
    I will definitely keep you posted. Good luck to you as well! Gotta study, study, study! :spin:
  9. by   Amy'sGrandbaby
    Any June testers for GA?

    GaMommy81...when are you scheduled to test??
  10. by   GaMommy81
    I have a June testing date.
  11. by   JustADream
    Does anyone know how long it takes after transcripts are received until the ATT goes out? Also is it via e-mail or the post office?

    Thank you so much!
  12. by   GaMommy81
    It really depends on who processes your paperwork. I began the process to take the NCLEX on May 7th and received my ATT on May 16th. I received my ATT via email. Good luck!
  13. by   Emile

    Pls pray for me I decide to take my test this tuesday the 22nd.