Darton Fall 2012??

  1. Anyone waiting for fall acceptance letters? I just took my hesi today. My overall was a 91 with a 76 in a&p and a 92 in the math section. Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   limitless-visions
    Hay kenkin6 were you in the friday testing group or the saturday group? I was in the friday june 1st testing group and was wondering were you in there with me. My class average was a 79% but I scored a 92% on anatomy, my math was an 82% and overall was 82.40%. I was told when they pick the students they usually start out with the highest anatomy scores then the highest overall but I have heard other stories too. Anyway it looks like we both got a good chance to get in. Are you going to apply for the spring as well or do you feel you will get in this time? Also do you live in Albany? I live in statesboro but as soon as I get a letter if it's an acceptance then my hubbie and kids we would relocate their before the semester start. Hopefully these letters will come before the end of june.
  4. by   keakin6
    Hey! I was there on friday! What did you make on the math portion? I remember someone making a perfect score on hesi for summer semester but made a 68 on math and didn't get in. I was in lucky #13 testing spot. I live about an hour from darton. I will be driving back and forth. I hope I don't have to apply again
  5. by   limitless-visions
    Ok I was on computer 32 I had a red shirt on. Anyway thats good you live driving distance. My math I made an 82% so hopefully with that and my 92 anatomy score that should get me in. I don't have anymore classes to take for my associate. I have a 3.3 GPA so far A's and B's no C's in my core. I have more B's though.
  6. by   keakin6
    You should get it then hopefully we both will! Good luck!
  7. by   limitless-visions
    Thanks and let me know when you get a letter. Darton is normally fast about sending out letters.
  8. by   keakin6
    I sooo hope so. Even tho the wait is not too bad. Letters should be mailed by july 9. Just hoping it's MUCH FASTER!! I will let you know tho....you do the same
  9. by   forever30
    Quote from keakin6
    Anyone waiting for fall acceptance letters? I just took my hesi today. My overall was a 91 with a 76 in a&p and a 92 in the math section. Good luck to everyone!

    hi ladies i am a transfer awaiting the letters for fall 2012 as well.had an overall of 83.8 .80 in a$p with a 2.8ish gpa .do u ladies know what the class average for a$p is and the other sections are? i have never been this nervous in my life.
  10. by   limitless-visions
    My class avg was a 79%. You have to look at your hesi score sheet and it will tell you your class avg. If you took it june 1st then that is what it was but if you took it on another day then it might be something else. This is only the avg for the group you tested with not the entire application pool. They are still giving test until June 15th so I figured we would get a letter the next week.
  11. by   keakin6
    Good luck to you too Forever!!
  12. by   forever30
    thank u keakin6 am so so so nervous cos then am just borderline to the average .i hope we all get in guys .i want this so bad .was 79 the a$P average score for the class?or just the overall composite score for the group on all sections?goodluck to u too.let me know when u get ur letter.
  13. by   limitless-visions
    Hay Keakin6 how's it going so far in the nursing program. I can't remember if I mention to you that I recently made a 82.80% with scoring a 92% on anatomy. What do you think my chances of getting in would be based on your experience? Also do you live in albany? Is it Safe?
  14. by   luluinblu
    I took the HESI on June 9th. I made an 82 overall with a 65 in Anatomy and Physiology. This was my third time taking it.