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  1. I'm moving to Columbus, GA/Phenix City, AL area in December. Any suggestions on hospitals to look into? I've heard St. Francis is good. I do not want to work at Martin Army on Ft. Benning. TIA!
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  3. by   DUECSON
    Hi, i'm an LPN at Martin Army and I LOVE my job. I work in APU(Ambulatory Procedure Unit) Same Day Surgery is what it was formely called. I work Monday-Friday No weekends or holidays, and we get most training holidays off. Is there a reason for you not wanting to work there? I had my thoughts about them before working for them, however; I had to have emergency surgery in May and I have sooo much gratitude for the staff there. I thank God for those people being a part of my life. The benefits are great!
  4. by   Lindsay42
    Hi DUECSON! About Martin husband is the Army at Ft. Benning. I just haven't heard many good things about it there honestly. When DH is sick and needs to go the MD, he always says No I'm not going there, all they will give me is some aspirin and send me on my way. DH doesn't have a very good immune system and he gets sick more often than he should. It bothers me that if soldiers really do need medical help that they look them over like they are lying and trying to get out of work (some do this, but definitely NOT my husband). That is just our experience with Martin Army. I'm sure there are plenty of good things about it there and I'm glad you enjoy your job. Maybe you can change my opinion about it :wink2:
  5. by   DUECSON
    Well, now that you've said he doesn't have a good outlook on MACH, I have had soldiers to say this but it's the unit he's assign to more less than the hospital. Some units give soldiers a hard time, but if he's really sick he should be persistent about getting the treatment he needs. I work on Same Day Surgery, I see most of the pt that need surgery. Email me privately and maybe I can give a couple of doctor names that he could see. Are you an LPN or Rn? Where are you all station now?
  6. by   swartzrn
    Lindsay--I live in Columbus and it really depends on what kind of job you want. I've heard good and bad about most of all of the hospitals. As far as Martin Army, I work in the ER there. We often will send soldiers with nonemergent situations back to their TMC's if warranted vs seeing them in the ER especially if we are busy. They are getting care. I am sorry that your husband has had bad experiences there and I hope that your feelings will improve. Good luck finding a job! Email me if you have any questions also about Martin Army! Good luck!! Julie
    (ps--I also had surgery there last October and couldn't have been treated better by the staff in surgery and on the floor. I cannot say enough for the professionalism and care that I was given.)