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Anyone go there for their prereqs? I'd love any advice/info you have on professors, classes, student support, financial aid, etc. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   PreRN Katie
    Thank you so much for the info, I'm really in a twist here! :bowingpurHopefully I'll be able to get it figured out soon!
  2. by   p421clcp
    When can you apply for the ASN program?
  3. by   p421clcp
    When can you apply for the 2 year program?
  4. by   GaMBA
    I'm finally all set up for my class this summer. I wanted to take A&P I but all of those classes are filled. I'm checking the site every day to see if a space opens up but from what I've heard chances of that are slim. Chem I was also full and chances of getting into that are supposedly slim too. So instead I've signed up for Psychology 191, which I need in order to get into 192 Human Growth and Development, which I've noticed is a prereq for some programs. Luckily I had a nice advisor. She was very helpful and didn't try to steer me away from nursing.

    p412--The advisor said they're still waiting on approval for the ADN-RN program, but they plan to have their first class begin in Summer 2009 (I think, but don't quote me. I remember it's definitely next yr sometime.) I don't have any application deadline info yet but as soon as I hear something I'll try and remember to post it here.
  5. by   JenRN30
    Great! I'm glad you were able to get everything taken care of. The same thing happened to me with all of the A&P 1 classes being filled, and then about 2 weeks before classes started, A&P and Chem both opened up and I got in!! Just keep checking every day. Also, I would start going to class, and ask the teacher if you could be added. A lot of times, they'll do that for you because SO MANY people drop by the first month of class. Good luck!
  6. by   gormmar7
    Does anyone know what book is used for Phychology 191 at chattahoochee?
  7. by   GaMBA
    If you're taking it online you'll need:

    Psychology, 3rd Edition by Hockenbury and Hockenbury Copyright @ 2003 by Worth Publishers ISBN # 0-7167-5129-1


    Telecourse Study Guide Psychology: The Human Experience by Ken Hutchins Copyright @ 2002 by the Coast Community College District ISBN # 0-7167-5524-6
  8. by   GaMBA
    I decided to drop the A&P I class and just do the online Psych course. A science over the summer, with this being my first prereq would probably end up being some horrible form of shock therapy, lol. My plan is to do just one course per semester/qtr, at least for the sciences. It'll take me longer to get thru my prereqs but I'll hopefully keep most of my sanity.
  9. by   PreRN Katie
    Does anyone know when the application deadline for the 2009 RN program is?
  10. by   gormmar7
    Hey, I need the books, (text, and workbook) Essentials of Psychology" Author-Bernstien.............and I am so flat broke, anyone can help?
  11. by   piano
    In respone to "GAMBA" I just started taking pre-wreks at chattahoochee tech online. I already have a degree and that eliminates me from most financial aid. They said hope grant was the way to go. I just got it! It covers tuition (as long as i'm at chatt. tech.) and gives a 100.00 book allowance. Basically...if you meet the will get the grant.

    I'm planning to transfer to Kennesaw State University accelerated nursing program. Does anyone know of grants or scholarships that I could apply for if I already have a BA degree??
  12. by   GaMBA
    Hi Piano,

    I just started my first online class there too! :-) What are you taking? I'm taking Psy 191. THe Hope Grant is great! Since I'm just taking that one class I got $50 for books. Every little bit helps! How are your classes going? I wish you the best of luck this summer.

    Katie, I haven't heard anything yet on the app deadline for the ADN program. I believe the app deadline for next summer's LPN program is 9/6/08 and the deadline for next Fall's LPN program is 12/6/08 (I think!). Maybe the ADN program deadline will correspond with one of these?? As soon as I hear anything I'll post it here.
  13. by   PreRN Katie
    Awesome, thanks! I've tried to call several times but I got put on hold for like an hour. Does anyone know how to put an attachment in a post? I've got the pdf brochure for the new ADN program from Chatt. Tech but I don't know how to attach it! It says the prereqs are A&P I, A&P II, Micro, Composition (Engl. 1101 I guess?), Lit, College Algebra, Psych, Lifespan/Dev. Psych, Intro to Computers, Sociology, and Speech (Communications?).