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Hi! I just wanted to start a thread for people that applied for the brenau full time nursing program that starts in the spring of 2013. I submitted my app, & now I'm hoping to get an offer! I... Read More

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    Quote from meeep
    I would be
    Are you going to attend Brenau?
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    I spoke with Brenau and they have full approval. She told me that the website has not been updated. It showed approval as of December 2012, not current. I put a call into the BON to verify.
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    Hi Rox.G. I added you as a friend as I was unable to send you a private message. I am a new member here and I registered due to your post which motivated me to write to you. (the post where you wrote about your High School years). I need your advice on something so kindly send me the message.


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    Hey Rox, I got the message from you (thx) , unfortunately I cannot send any response as I do not have enough of points on this site :/ If it is not a problem please message me at .
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    Hello. I was just wondering if anyone plans on working during nursing school? If so, about how many hours? I am still uncertain whether or not I should work.
  7. by   LPN2BSNRN

    Just wanted to touch base with you all. Hopefully everyone is doing great with Nursing. I started pre-reqs in summer and planning to apply for Spring 2015 BSN program. I wanted to get some feedback on how the program is so far. There are so many questions that only an insider can answer.. Like when do clinicals start? What about skills checkoffs? How many classes do you have? Any feedback would be so appreciated. I am currently an LPN (15 years) and this program is the only way I can even dream of going back for my RN (except for Excelsior or College Network, and I looked into these, and they are not for me).

    I wish you all the very best!