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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking at relocating after graduation and I was looking for information about Atlanta. I want to go into Critical Care (or possibly ER/Trauma) and then eventually I'd like to look at pursuing CRNA. Any info about the city and specifically the hospitals would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   unknown99
    Hi Bryan,
    I used to live in Acworth, 25 North of Atlanta, but recently moved to Ohio.
    I worked at Children's Health Care of Atlanta. It is a fantastic place to work. They have a great benefit package, treat their employees with respect, and encourage career enhancement.
    If you are not into pediatrics, then I heard that WellStar Kennestone is a great place to work. I also heard that Grady, while not being a favorite place to work, has one of the busiest and best for learning traume units in the state.
    Good luck in your search. Wish I were back in Georgia!!!
  4. by   jrec
    I am currently living in atlanta, on the northeast side inside the perimeter (chamblee area). I love it here. If you are looking for good experience in either ICU or ER then I suggest you go to Atlanta Medical or Grady. Both have alot of trauma but AM has a bit more structure and support than Grady. Both are in the downtown area. I worked at AMC and found it to be a great learning experience. If you have any more questions about Atlanta, feel free to PM me or ask.