Anyone Taken the HESI at Brenau?

  1. I was wondering what HESI subjects are being tested by Brenau. I know for certain Math, Reading, and Vocabulary. I'm not sure about Chemistry and Grammar.
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  3. by   Peachez82
    No grammar but chemistry, a&up math, read comprehension, vocabulary along with a learning profile and personality profile are on there. I took two weeks ago. Good luck if you haven't tested yet.
  4. by   peachshan
    I took mine Aug 22nd. I passed with a score 82.3. My lowest score was Math.
  5. by   Peachez82
    Oh wow I took mine the same day my lowest score was chemistry . Are you finishing with your prerequisites or do you still have some left?
  6. by   peachshan
    I'm done with prerequisites. I'm taking Patho since it was recommended for this semester. Are you applying for the Full-time or Part-Time? I'm applying for the Part-Time 2018.
  7. by   Peachez82
    I'm applying for the part time program 2018,finishing up my prerequisites and I take patho Wednesday evenings on campus.
  8. by   peachshan
    We are in the same class! I was the one in the front with a scarf on.
  9. by   Peachez82
    Wow small world were you in the middle row of tables near the front. I was at the table all the way in the front to the right by the wall and windows.
  10. by   peachshan
    Were you in class yesterday?
  11. by   kaprobe
    I am thinking of applying in 2018 to start 2019 to Brenau. Gotta retake my A&Ps...they are too old.
    Have you guys heard anything about the program? I know it's Tues/Thurs what are the actual hrs?
    Also what are the hrs for clinicals? Are they Sat/Sun every other wknd? I will be traveling from down near the airport do you ladies know if the clinical sites are up near Gainesville or more in ATL?
    Lastly, have you heard how ppl like the program? Teachers? Etc. I don't know anyone that has gone there.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  12. by   pearls08
    I went to Brenau's PT program briefly so I'll try to answer some of these questions
    Class is usually Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-9 or 10pm. I didn't do clinicals but I still keep in contact with my previous classmates. To my understanding it's every Sat/Sun and then after a few weeks it is switched to every other weekend. Most sites are in the Gainesville/Habersham area. None are in Atlanta except for your Peds rotation which is at CHOA in Atlanta. I transferred to a different school so that should give you some insight as to how I personally felt about the program. For me, I couldn't justify the cost for what I felt was limited education so I transferred. They lost their accreditation a few years ago and I feel like they are trying to bounce back from that. That's not to say competent nurses don't come out of here...I work with a nurse that graduated from Brenau and she's great!! You just have to work a bit harder. But it really depends on what you want out of a nursing school experience.

    But one thing I will say...just because it is a part-time program does NOT mean the work load is lighter. In fact I would argue that it is harder because you are fitting full-time course work into a part-time schedule. You are still doing full time work just in class less!!
  13. by   Jay1977
    I do agree there tuition is expensive. Do mine telling me what college you went too?
    Do they have part-time program?
  14. by   Jay1977
    Has anyone gotten accepted to the program? What all are they asking for?
    I'm taking the HESI on 11/29/17, and I already submitted my application.