anyone applying to Georgia state Spring 2012 program?

  1. anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again.
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  3. by   KellieMarie1989
    I applying too. My program gpa is like a 3.45. I got a 77 on the teas. I have been looking at the statistics for the people who do get in and their gpas are 3.8 on average and 88 on the teas.
  4. by   nurseryt
    Yeah, I saw the statistics , but im going to apply anyway. im retaking the teas in september to hopefully get a better grade.
  5. by   amby175
    I am planning on applying. I have a 3.66 and made a 75 on the TEAS. I am worried based of the statistics. Good luck on taking the TEAS again, the first time I made a 68 so make sure to study hard and I am sure you will get a better grade
  6. by   hlee
    I will be applying as well. I saw the statistics as well... Good luck on retaking your teas nurseyt!! Oh and my overall gpa is 3.54 and TEAS 90. Have you guys sent off your packets yet??
  7. by   OneChance
    I didnt get it for the last enrollment so im giving it another go
  8. by   hlee
    Hey tizita! Sorry to hear you didnt get in for last semster. Lets hope we all hear some good news for Spring 2012!
  9. by   KellieMarie1989
    is anyone applying for the ace program??
  10. by   hlee
    I am applying to the traditional program. Do you guys think that certain topics can be too controversial for the essay required by the nursing program? I am trying to come up with a good topic I can really relate to and write well about.
  11. by   Onlyhope8
    Is 9/28 to late to take the teas?
  12. by   hlee
    Will you taking the TEAS at Georgia State or another school? If you take them at another school it will take time to send the scores over to GSU and probably will not be in by the 1st of October. Ask the advisors too, they are very helpful =) Good luck!!
  13. by   breezy7
    When/where did you guys take the TEAS? I'm applying for fall 2012, and I only see test dates for GSU scheduled for May-September (just missed them!), so our applications are due before the next text date.

    Also, is it better to apply for spring or fall, do you think? I should be ready by fall, but I don't want to rush if it's even more competitive then.
  14. by   doayoade
    I'm applying for the ACE program for Fall 2012. I took the TEAS at GBCN.