Anybody hear of "Advanced Medical's" LPN program?


    are they fully accredited? i have a wierd feeling about this, they say they have an lpn program but i cant find it on their website,

    i asked called then and they said its 9 months, and that they are accredited in jamaica......ok. they also dont give out alot of info over the phone nor do they give out catalogs....anyone???????

    can anyone give me more info on this, i dont want to be scammed..........
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  3. by   flower2007
    Their program is 9 months , 8 hours a week and accelerated.
  4. by   dmarie (GA)
    I just looked at their website, and from what I can see, they offer programs in:

    " Medical Assisting
    " EKG Technician
    " Phlebotomy Technician
    " Patient Care Technician

    I didn't see any mention of Nursing programs. Also, it doesn't look like they are accredited by the GA-BON.

    If you're interested in any of the above programs, you can find a technical school nearby that offers them. I wouldn't waste my time or money on this place -- but that is just my first instinct and gut reaction. I could be totally wrong.

    Technical schools are everywhere in Georgia. In addition to the above programs, most offer the LPN program you're looking for.

    Here's a list of the approved practical nursing programs in GA:
  5. by   gboogie
    A LEAP OF FAITH...I traveled 4 hrs to hear the presentation about this program. Yes, they are an accredited program and you will complete the program with an Associates not a diploma..I personally spoke the officials from the school. They've been in operation 2 years and have put out their first graduation class of 49 student and all 49 pass the boards..The next class will be graduating this fall, and several of the students in that class travel from Houston Texas.. I Leaped!
  6. by   bamwife06
    I also went to the website and I didn't find it very helpful. Hmmmmm, I am wondering if this is a scam? I will call them on Monday and see if I can get some more information and maybe a price for the program. Has anyone taken this program and does anyone know how much it costs?
  7. by   2beanicurn
    I have heard if that school. And they don't give out alot of information. but they wanted a $300 deposit to start classes. And they are affliated with a school in Jacksonville,FL . I guess that is what your degree says once you obtain it. The lady I spoke with just didnt' give a lot of information but was focused on how much the program costed and that you would have to obtain loans to pay for the classes. I just didnt' trust it becuase there was no written information she only gave me a business card with the web address that has no info. I wish GA schools would realize there are people who would like to attend nursing school, but we are working adults with familys and need to go to classes in the evening every school I find with evening classes is too far away and just isn't worth it.
  8. by   Venus Envy
    I would be wary of a school that offers an Associates degree in LPN, when normally you can get that for RN.

    I've never even heard of an ASN degree = LPN.
  9. by   gboogie
    Quote from Venus Envy
    I would be wary of a school that offers an Associates degree in LPN, when normally you can get that for RN.

    I've never even heard of an ASN degree = LPN.

    You must have mis-understood my comment...The program is a bridge program for LPN to receive their RN,ASN There are many programs like this around...I just found out yesterday that ECPI in VA has a bridge program like this that you attend 1 day for 1 year and receive you RN, also cost $35,000. There are several of us that travel 4hrs every Friday to go to Advance, so far everything is great!..I'll chat with you skeptics after graduation..NOTHING BEATS A FAILURE UNLESS YOU TRY!!!.....LEAP, LEAP LEAP
  10. by   nicholrwalker
    Iam very interested in info regarding this school. Where is located, cost and exactly how long?
  11. by   RwanRN2b
    Someoen told me about this program and I called them and they would not give me any information. They insisted that I attend their informaion sessions offered every wednesday if I wanted further details. I would personally hate to waste my time and money only to turn out this school is a scam. there is a similar school likt this one called kayrim ctr...
  12. by   nicholrwalker
    I called them today. The cost is 10,000 dollars for 12 months, Fri 8a-4p. They have orientations on T/Th. They have one class a year. If I find out that they are on the up and upn I will tell others to try. ``
  13. by   HeiressOfGod
    You guys have no idea how glad I am to find this thread. I am actually planning to start a similar school in August. It is called World Outreach Medical in Decatur. They are also affiliated with a Jamaican school or so. My question though is will I be able to work in Ohio when I am done and also will the courses transfer. I appreciate any answers I can get. I just want to feel more comfortable with my decision.
  14. by   missdeevah
    Quote from heiressofgod
    you guys have no idea how glad i am to find this thread. i am actually planning to start a similar school in august. it is called world outreach medical in decatur. they are also affiliated with a jamaican school or so. my question though is will i be able to work in ohio when i am done and also will the courses transfer. i appreciate any answers i can get. i just want to feel more comfortable with my decision.
    i would highly recommend that you check with your bon. get the information directly from the horses's mouth. i wouldn't want to start a program only to find out later that i will not be able to work in my state (or any other state for that matter) ...or even worse, have to go work in jamaica (ok, i'm really stretching this, but you get the point).