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I am in my junior year of nursing school in Georgia. After graduation I plan to move to Florida and would like to receive my RN license there. Money is tight so I would like to make the transition from nursing student to licensed RN as quickly as possible and without a long waiting process. My questions are:

How long before graduating am I eligible to apply for a Florida license? Or do I have to wait until after I graduate?

Can a new Georgia graduate choose to take the Florida NCLEX and receive a Florida license? Or do I have to apply in the state in which I graduate from first?

Thanks for any and all answers. I went to the florida nursing boards site but these questions were still unclear to me.


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Im doing the same! First you have to graduate. Id suggest taking the NCLEX here. Its the same in all states bc its a national test. When you pass youll license for GA but then you can endorse it right over to Florida. Go to the florida board of nursing webiste and follow their procedures!!


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You can take the test anywhere (I know girls who took it in GA, Ohio, etc.) and apply for state liscensure wherever you want to go. You do not have to have a GA license first and then endorse.


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It doesn't matter where, physically, you take the NCLEX -- what matters is which state you've applied to for licensure. If you know for sure you're going to FL, you can apply for licensure in FL once you graduate, and then, once you're authorized (by the FL BON) to take the NCLEX, you can take it in any location that is most convenient for you. You do not have to get licensed first in GA.

However, we've been hearing a lot here about how difficult the employment situation is for new grads in FL -- you may want to be sure you have a job before you move.

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