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Hi there! I am interested in applying at Georetown to earn my FNP. I currently work full time on the floor. Is it possible to work full time while attending grad school part time? What are your opinions of Georgetown vs other schools? It is a bit pricey. I am currently looking into several schools, however GU has peaked my interest. Thanks in advance!!

Hi KatyturnRN -

I, too, have decided to move forward with FNP school. I just received my acceptance from Georgetown on Friday. It is pricey but has a wonderful reputation and pass rate on the exam. I work full time currently so am trying to figure how best to do both as well.

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Georgetown was my back-up school if I didn't get accepted into my current program. I had talked with a few former students and they said if you work weekends, then remaining employed is do-able during the program. If you do three 12s Fri, Sat & Sun, that leaves you Mon through Thurs free for school work & clinicals.

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