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Hello everyone!

I found out recently that I was accepted into Gerogetown's CNM/WHNP program for Spring 2019. I am very excited to embark on this journey. I am looking for anyone else who has been accepted/applied for this cohort. Also, I am looking for feedback about the program from any current students! Thanks in advance :)

Congrats! I was accepted into the Sept 2018 cohort! I'm also be curious about feedback from current students and alum

I know someone who graduated from this program. She had very good things to say about the program and she is now an amazing midwife at a birth center. Her education prepared her well.

Do you know if they offer scholarships?

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Hey everyone!

I am a little late to this thread, however I wanted to reach out as I am applying to Spring 2019 cohort as well for CNM/WHNP! I have my video interview tomorrow! I am so nervous but so excited! If you all do not mind me asking (and sharing), what were some of your strengths with your application? I feel that my only hinderance is a lower-than-average GPA (3.24) however I feel that I adequately explained myself in the optional academic essay, so I am hopeful that a holistic review will benefit me. I am a labor and delivery nurse (1 year experience), prior labor doula, AWHONN member, and studied at Duke University in GYN-OR for an externship. Also, any tips for the interview? If you all see this in time, of course :) Hopefully I will be joining you all as a classmate soon!

I also applied for the Jan 2019 cohort! I submitted my application October 16th and all my recommendation/transcripts/etc were in by the 25th! I'm worried about my interview and my overall BSN GPA was only 3.3. I've had over a year and a half of experience as a labor nurse with current NRP, STABLE, fetal monitoring, etc. So crossing my fingers!

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I'm roughly in the same boat as you! I am so nervous! My interview was dreadful, I feel! I am so anxious to hear...hopefully soon.

Tell me about the interview? I am thinking about applying and this video interview scares me! I have been accepted into another program but I am keeping my options open.

Has anyone who has been accepted been offered a scholarship?

I am in the process for applying for the July '19 Cohort. I look forward to talking to you all more about your experiences!

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Hi everyone! I'm a current Georgetown student! I'm completing semester 4. It is the best decision I've ever made to go through with this program. I truly love it... HOWEVER... start networking and finding potential preceptors for yourself now. While they help you find preceptors sometimes they can't find you one and your education plan has to be altered. And to those worried about your GPA I was accepted with a 2.8 GPA, but I've been told the rest of my application was very strong. Cura personalis- they look at the whole person. If the admissions counselor really didn't think you had a chance they wouldn't string you along.

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I just applied for Fall of 2019. I feel like my interview was terrible to. Any inside on the cost per semester and financial assistance?? Thats what I'm really worried about if I get in...

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