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George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

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You are reading page 3 of George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

It says prior to Jan 15 of 2009 they won't accept those scores but those after Jan 15 2009 they accept. It says on the application I did online that the TEAS scores must be submitted with the application. (I made that mistake too), and their application for fall of 2010 is due by this Jan 15th at 5pm.


Specializes in Psych, Stepdown, Research.

Wow, good clarification. They are definitely changing things. Well best of luck in your application! Let me know if there's any way I can be of help!

Has anyone taken the TEAS test yet? I just took it today and got a 88.2. It also gave the national/program averages and percentiles (72.8/77.4 and 97/93 for me)...does anyone know what is a competitive score for this program? I tried looking online but to no avail....

Also is anyone applying for Fall 2010? Our applications are due next week! It's coming up sooo soon!!!! :eek:

I have no idea what a good score is! I didn't do as well.. got 79.8%

I don't know how much they factor your score in anyways. I think this is the

first year they're making you take the exam, so I hope they won't count it in as much.

Its so frustrating to wait till the end of April to find out!!!!!! culd someone who has gotten in tell us their stats as in gpa etc etc

i can't believe you find out in april! that's an improvement from last year -- we weren't notified until june.

as far as gpa, i don't know about anyone else, but i got As in all of my prereqs and i think that's really the only thing that matters. i also think your essay counts for a lot.

good luck!!


I applied for the accelerated 2nd degree BSN program at GMU. I got my Bachelors in 2009, but not from Mason. I've also been taking classes as a non-degree student for the past year at Mason (mostly taking the few pre-reqs I needed) Today I got an acceptance letter from George Mason's Admissions Office saying, "Congratulation on your acceptance to George Mason!..." and all that other stuff. They asked me to immediately send my deposit to confirm my enrollment, which i did within minutes!

I was really excited about getting accepted to the Nursing program...but I thought it was strange that I hadn't received anything directly from the Nursing school. Now I went back to the Nursing school website and it said that I'd be hearing about the decision directly from CHSS (the Nursing school). Did I get in to the University but not the Nursing school??? I am crazy paranoid about this? There was no mention of that I hadn't been accepted to the nursing program either. Can someone explain their experience getting admitted and receiving their letter???

Please Help!

Yes, it looks like you have SO FAR just been admitted to the university, not yet to the nursing program. Don't panic, though, last year the nursing program didn't send out decision letters until June. I think this year it may be a little earlier, but you could always call to double check. Also, I would call the GMU admissions office and find out exactly when you have to send in your deposit to the university -- you ought to be able to wait until you find out for sure from the nursing school but I would just double check the dates.

So congratulations on getting into GMU! Now you only have to wait a little longer to hear about the nursing program! Good luck :)

sorry, just re-reading the messages above, and it looks like you'll hear in april about getting into the nursing program?

also, i didn't realize you'd already sent in your deposit. you may want to contact gmu and see if they can cancel the payment until you hear from the nursing program.

good luck!

The deposit is refundable until July, so she can get her deposit back if she isn't accepted.

I forgot how GMU makes you apply to the university and the nursing program, so I also got excited.

OMG!! I am totally freaking out now after reading these posts! I got an acceptance letter too (was surprised that it came so early since I knew the nursing program said they would get back to us late April, but didn't think much of it. And just got an email from GMU about orientation.

I thought I was set! Oh well! Good Luck to all.

Hey Scarlett..just wondering- did you get anything directly from the School of Nursing at GMU? or just the GMU University itself? The Orientation stated that you had to get in both GMU and the Nursing school. One of my friends who attends GMU, stated that letters should be coming out this week or next week.

Just got a letter from GMU and not from the school of nursing. I called school of nursing and they told me they will be mailing them out end of April/beginning of May.

Just got a letter from GMU and not from the school of nursing. I called school of nursing and they told me they will be mailing them out end of April/beginning of May.

I called them this past week and heard the same as well. I just want to find out so I can start planning everything accordingly!

I am so happy to read I am not in this alone! Good luck to you guys! Hope everything turns out the way you want it to! Are you both in Accelerated programs? I applied to the traditional program.

Hello, I am also waiting to hear back from GMU, for their accelerated BSN program. Hopefully we will find out this week!

dsb26 I applied to the accelerated program. Marie I guess we will find out next week :(

I got my acceptance letter today. It was dated April 30, and you have to turn in your acceptance by May 15.

It was such a huge relief to receive it.

Congratulations! Must be a great feeling :)

I haven't checked yet.

I also received my acceptance letter, to the accelerated BSN program! Mew56, which program did you get accepted to? Congratulations!

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