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Generel MS vs BSN

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Is there an Advantage to having a Masters degree are they pretty much the same?

I am thinking in terms of job please do Recruiters have a preference for either you can get pretty much the same?


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VivaLaVespaGirl has 4 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in ED, Medicine, Case Management.

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I am not sure I entirely understand your question. Master's degrees are not broad and general; they are focused on a specific area of study, and to be an RN you need at least an associates (ASN/ADN) in nursing. It is becoming more preferable to have your BSN, but that is largely geographically variable. There are direct entry MSN programs, but in many places those are less preferable to a BSN because, among other concerns, most direct entry MSN degree programs do not also confer a BSN.

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