Med-Surg New Grad

  1. I will be graduating in May and am starting to look at jobs. I've heard many people say new grads should start out in med-surg, but I don't know that that is what I want to do. Is it a bad idea for me to start out in OBGYN, where I really want to work?
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  3. by   Orca
    If you can get on, take what you want. There will certainly be surgery and post-op care involved in OBGYN, and you will develop and use many of the same skills. Med-surg is a good starting point for many people, but I see no issue with you pursuing OBGYN.
  4. by   mcaselogic
    If you could possibly find a hospital that's willing to teach new grads in med/surg, ER, ICU, etc, take it. As a new grad, I personally wouldn't take OB right off the bat without proper teaching. What they teach you in school is very basic BUT if you can land it then go for it. Med/surg and ER are both great experience to start off.
  5. by   gpsrn
    I want to tell you to go for what you want. If you can get a job in the area, they will train you and help you to move forward. If OBGYN is what you really enjoy, go for it. If they do not think you have enough experience, then look in another area. If OB is what you want and they say you do not yet have enough experience, I suggest that you ask what experience would be helpful to get into OB. I would suggest that you also talk with a nurse recruiter, they will help you with what is required.
    All the best as you finish school and look at options that you have. Nursing is such a wonderful career and can take you into so many different avenues.
  6. by   Agatha12
    If you can get job in OB and you are sure you will enjoy it then go for it. General experience is useful but not necessary if you know already where you want to go and you have employer that want to train you.
  7. by   serenitylove14
    If you find a job in OB go for it! Med-Surg will teach you time management and you will experience a variety of different conditions, BUT if you wont be happy in Med-Surg and you will be happy in OB then go where your heart tells you to go.