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  1. I am looking to find contacts and support from anyone who has a Foot Care certification or foot care business. Any recent experiences and feedback would be appreciated. If you are in Texas, that would also be helpful since I have not been able to confirm that a doctor's order is required for foot care. I have tried contacting the BON and am still waiting for a call back. I have seen several posts but since I have not been on the site for awhile I can not send private messages.
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  3. by   Cat365
    What kind of foot care? Are you wanting to work in a clinic setting with soy injuries or preventative care? Custom orthotics? Diabetic foot maintenance? Athletes and injuries? Foot drop?
  4. by   nursesarecoolandsexy
    I am a certified foot care nurse and I received my certification back in 2015, have yet to open my business though. I am also an NP and have honestly been busy with that so I am just now trying to go through the hoops to get the business started. I will say however, I live in TN, where there seems to be no nurse-owned foot care businesses and I am having difficulty finding out what type of licenses I will require for this type of business. I contacted my TBON-they directed me to the healthcare facilities board. I finally reached them and they sent me these forms I needed to complete but I felt that they didn't apply to my mobile company due to the nature of my business. I re-contacted them and spoke with someone who informed me that I didn't need to complete the forms/application and told me to contact the director via letter and he has yet to respond-mailed this 1 month ago. I honestly don't know what to do next. I just want to make sure I am not breaking any healthcare laws by going into clients homes to do there foot care. Try to contact the Healthcare Facilities Board in your city-you may have better luck.
  5. by   BexnRN
    Hi guys. I'm interested in foot care too. I asked the BON where I was at the time (Mississippi) and they were VERY specific that trimming of toenails is considered an ADL. And that if you're specially trained, you can do diabetic/difficult toenails. The BON where I am now (Arkansas) just sent me a flow chart thing. So I guess it's ok. RNs can't bill insurance, but as an NP, you may be able to. CMMS has specific regulations as to what is covered by Medicare for podiatrists. This can give you leverage for convincing patients that the service you give is different and better than podiatrists. Also, get an LLC. A 'sole proprietor' type business can get you in trouble. An LLC will keep your personal assets safe. On that note, have malpractice insurance too. You never know. Good luck As soon as I get my license in order (I moved recently), I'm going to check into providing this service at nearby LTC facilities.