Can an Entry-Level MSN RN obtain a post-master's certificate?

  1. I've been looking into Entry-Level MSN RN programs because I got my bachelor's in a different field. Because I know I will one day want to move up to an APRN role, I was curious to know if anyone's ever gone from ELMSN to completing a post-graduate certificate without having to go back to school for another MSN or a DNP degree. (As this will save some time.)

    I know much of this sounds like common sense but I can't find any clear information on the subject. Even though most APRN schools are transforming their graduate nursing degrees into DNP programs, a lot of them still provide post-graduate certificates as long as a person completes a MSN. Does that include ELMSN applicants as well? Can an Entry-Level MSN RN obtain a post-master's certificate?

    In case I'm confusing you, think of it this way:
    Say I complete my Entry-Level MSN and become a practicing RN. I work in the field for a few years and then decide that I want to become a FNP. Can I just apply for the certificate program instead of applying to another MSN program or a new DNP program with an incorporated certificate?
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    I ll sit here and listen as I'd like to know it too
  4. by   traumaRUs
    As a direct-entry MSN RN, what will your MSN specialty be? CNL, educator?

    Okay, so you get that MSN and then decide you want to be an NP.

    You will need to enroll in a post-MSN certificate program. If you have not taken the three Ps: Adv Pharm, Adv Pathophys and Adv Assessment you will need to take those, plus any other clinical courses your program requires. You will also need 500 hours of clinical.

    Hope this helps
  5. by   beekee
    Depends. Some programs are limited to advanced practice masters. I've seen some permit non-advanced practice masters, e.g., leadership, informatics, etc. I haven't specifically looked for entry level masters, but I would guess some allow it. Best bet is to research individual programs.

    Financial aid, I believe, is not available for post-masters certificates, so if you can transfer some or all of the 3 P's, it might be easier to do a regular masters.
  6. by   kaygiiirl
    Thank you for the reply. Most ELMSN degrees are nurse generalist (yes to CNL) preparing you to become a registered nurse while incorporating masters level courses and training. The 3 prerequisites you mentioned are in all ELMSN programs.

    I figured since most ELMSN programs have those 3 prerequisites, I should be okay to apply for a post-master's certificate without having to get another degree. All I would have to pay attention to is whether or not nurse generalist MSN's will be accepted.
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