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General paediatric ward- interview

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by samxh samxh (Member)

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Hi there.

i love the allnurses.com. i have just recently registered as a member.

Is there anyone who can help me. I have an interview at a general paeds ward. What question can they ask me as a newly qualified children's nurse? Though i am working on few question my friend passed on to me.


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perfectbluebuildings is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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It has been 2 years since my interview but these are questions I remember: A scenario with 4 patients and the order you would go to see them/care for them (remember ABCs if you get that one.)

Why do you want to work at a children's hospital (I am sure you are expecting that one)

What qualities will you bring to our unit?

(I think) What experience do you have working with children? (This does not have to be paid work- think about volunteering, your clinical rotations, etc.; and try to relate it back to the job you are interviewing for).

That is all I can remember... I'm sorry!! Just remember to be genuine/be yourself, and GOOD LUCK!!! :)

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Are you a credible source? Add your Credentials, Experience, etc.

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I've heard from some friends who've gotten jobs on peds units (primarily hematology/oncology) that the following questions were asked:

1. How will you handle difficult families?

2. How will you handle caring for a dying child?

3. What measures are you prepared to take to prevent burnout?

Hope those help!

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