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I know we get lots of these threads but I caught myself today doing something very typical of a nursing student. I start in about 3 weeks and I had to order a Skills CD from the bookstore that came... Read More

  1. by   Multicollinearity
    never mind, TMI!
  2. by   IHeartPhysiology
    Quote from SaraO'Hara
    Writing things on the "family bulletin board" in fractured nursing shorthand, eg "Jimmy: impaired ability to visit skateboard park s/p acute bratosis. Recommended tx: spank t.i.d. till clear."
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Okay, I know this is an old post, but..........

  3. by   cpkRN
    You have an appointment with a new doctor and unconsciously use medical terminology on your medical Hx forms. You are studying from notecards in the waiting room of said doc's office and when the nurse comes to get you, she asks you how nursing school's going. When you are dumbfounded by that question, she explains how you wrote out your medical history as if you were charting.

    I didn't even realize I had done it! Scary.
  4. by   hotmama2be
    You know when you come home tell your husband about your clinical that night and he totally doesn't understand you but just politely listens and nods head!!!!! And then my mom calls up and I dish on all the exciting details of clinical that night and she totally gets me !!! My mom is a RN of 20+ years
  5. by   EleniRN
    When you go to bed at 2 am... wake up at 5 am to make it in early to study in the lab... halfway thru the day you look down and realize you are wearing two different shoes!

    When you fall asleep most nights with the lights on... papers spread all over.. and you wake up frantic you've not studied enough..

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  6. by   ydidntidothisb4kids?
    When your 4 yr old wants to play doctors and she does a full physical assessment and ROM on you. She even tells you to close your eyes and describe the feeling and where it is. LOL
  7. by   teeniebert finally have something to talk about when your computer engineer husband starts talking software or WoW...the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone mechanism! :chuckle
  8. by   txakolina
    When every dream you have at night has something to do with a procedure you saw or a disease you read about.
  9. by   obicurn
    Quote from txakolina
    When every dream you have at night has something to do with a procedure you saw or a disease you read about.
    Kind of along the same lines.
    When sleeping, you dream about your skills check off that is the next day. Not only dream about it, but talk your way through each step. Out loud.