Yes, another living off student loans post! =/

  1. Hello all!

    My name is Tami and I am starting my nursing courses FT this fall. I have already taken one year of pre-reqs and will graduate in May 2008.

    I am wondering approximately how little I will be able to work this fall. I am worried about not having enough study/homework time and want to concentrate 100% on schooling.

    I currently have about 450/month in 'bills'. I also live about 30 miles away from school so there is a little commute therefore maybe 60/week in gas. I am hoping that I can get college loans to cover my living expenses each semester and possibly work about 15 hrs a week bathing dogs (about 100 bucks a week). My tuition is 480/credit, and I'm taking 16 credits this semester (comes to about $8,000 a semester). Do you think it would be feasible to get an extra $500 or so a month for living expenses?

    I'm not worried about being massively in debt as my parents are paying back the loans for my tuition. I am only responsible for the living expenses part of the loans. What do you guys think?
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  3. by   peds4now
    Tami, some people can't work during school, some work full-time-it varies. I think a lot of the talk of "you can't work" is hype if you are in an ADN or trad'l BSN program. Scheduling work can be hard. I would play it by ear and be ready to quitif you need to. If you can, take the first couple weeks of school off, so you can adjust.

    I don't know if you have a good job already, but after you do you first semester you can get a CNA certificate in my state (CA) if you are a nursing student. This enables you to get a night job paying $15/hr or so.
  4. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Sounds like a plan to me and quite reasonable. If you can get the federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans, get as much as you need of them. If not have your parents co-sign an alternative loan.

    As far as working 15 hours week that is doable especially if you are single with no kids. If not you may want to take out the loans.
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  5. by   GPatty
    I have gotten loans to cover what I'm NOT making by only working weekends while in school.
    I work 24 a week, Saturday and Sunday 6a-6p.
    The loans sure do help! But I'm going to have a boatload to pay back this coming May!
  6. by   siberianlocust
    Thanks guys =)

    I already am a CNA at a hospital...but the problem is that I can't work there because the required shifts are all out for me. 7-3:30 won't work because I'm in class. 3-11:30 won't work because a) i'm not done with class by 3, and b) I commute to work so I'd get home about 12:30 and have to get up for a 7am class. When would I study? And 11-7:30 won't work because I have a 7 am class. That's why I have a second job of batheing dogs because its more flexible and all.
  7. by   mom2cka
    My first 2 years of school (while I got my AA & finished my pre-reqs) I worked between 32 & 40 hours - took as many online classes as I could, which really helped. My first year towards my BSN, also more pre-reqs, I worked 32 (needed med benefits), and worked a midnight shift - it was really, really hard - I slept thru several chemistry classes. So... junior year, cut down to 24 hours a week, and this year, will try to do 10-15 - my husband works FT, and my son is in 1st grade, so no daycare bills, which really helps... but the loans, we do use. It's not $500 a month, even though we both max what we can - it's a chunk that's used to pay off or pay for things in advance (fuel oil, for example) -- it helps, but we couldn't do it without working. Good luck!