Yeah!! Everything is Going Good.

  1. Hey everyone! Last week was the week that seemed like would never end. This week is totally different and was a really good week. Today I re-took my drug calculation test that I failed last week because I got a B last week and Guess what Today I got an A. We started our clinicals on tuesday and my nursing class is split up into 3 different groups for our first clinical rotation. 1 group is working on skilled nursing/rehab floors of the hospital, another is working at a children's center were the kids have some type of disability whether it is physical, learning or whatever. Special needs. My group is in the community working in a community charity organization. We are going in pairs to someone's home they are all low-income elderly people and we are assessing their living conditions, enivornment and health conditions. My partner and I have a real sad case that is really way too complicated to explain. I will simply say this woman is lonely, depressed and has no family. She is 81 and never had any children, her husband is deceased and her brothers/sisters are no longer around. She is lacking support to get things done in a major, major way. So my partner and I are looking for resources in the community like a church home and present her with some assisted living places because she no longer wants to stay in her neighborhood because the neighbors treat her mean because she called the city and got one neighbor in trouble for something the neighbor was illegally doing. The neighbors are all young adults/middle aged adults most whom have children. My client simply wants company with people of her own age. Which is understandable.

    I have also had the opportunity to go with the director of a charity to another home and the woman said to me you are a student I need you to check my blood glucose. I got scared I knew I did not have gloves and could not do this but I could not think of a good way to tell her I can't without directly say no. So I simply said this monitor is new and is different from the one's I am use to using and she understood. I also knew that I could not practice without a instructor being present. IT seems like common sense but believe me some people including myself would freeze up and not know what to do. But I was quick and used critical thinking skills that I suprised myself with because I am building my critical thinking skills right now. My instructors were impressed they were so proud of me and so relieved that I did not do anything.

    I am liking my first clinical this semester so far it is a community health clinical and I have a strong interest in PEDS and Community/public health.
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  3. by   Brown Suga
    Great Job on the A!!!
    I am gald to hear you are excelling so well in your schooling and your clinical practice sites. Be sure to keep up the good work.
  4. by   GPatty
    Keep up the good work! Woo hoo!
    I know what you mean about people wanting you to do things for them because they know you are a student.
    Last Sunday, in church, we had a man collapse and instantly, I was called over to him "because I am a nurse". Thank God someone had the presence of mind to call the ambulance, because all I could do is take his pulse! I was not trained in anything yet! I am only a student! Sometimes, I'd like to scream this off a rooftop... I am not qualified yet!!!
    Anyway~Good job on your test! Keep up the good work!