YAYAY I got accepted to SU's BSN program

  1. I start in 2 weeks!!! I haven't registered yet for my classes, but I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't afford it though (8500/semester). God I hope my financial aid covers a lot or I'm in trouble....... I'll be paying student loans until I'm 90.
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  3. by   BrandyBSN

    I am so happy for you! but OUCH! that is what i pay a YEAR here, not a semester. GEEEZ!!!

    And you wont be paying off loans until you are 90, you will have them paid off by 85 for sure!

    Hugs to you!

  4. by   zannie
    Thanks....... That whole private school thing is annoying! GRRRR. But I really like their program and I think I'll get some financial aid.... THANKS again! I'm psyched!! I'm one of you all now. ;-)
  5. by   shyviolet78
    Congrats on getting accepted!! Hopefully financial aid will come through for you, but if not many hospitals offer student loan repayment as a benefit to new grads. Also the Perkin's loan is up to 100% forgiveable for nurses. There are many options out there!
  6. by   KristaB
    Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  7. by   Brown Suga

    Good luck with your future endeavors.
  8. by   xgator
    Hey I am brand new to the forum, I just found the site yesterday! Just a quick question is SU Seattle University? The price tag sounds about right for what I am paying for my BSN degree. I am entering my junior year after transfering in from Arizona schools. Have a great year everybody and enjoy!
  9. by   zannie
    Sorry I didn't clarify. Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA.
  10. by   Bonnie Blue
    Congratulations! i know about financial aid too. Vanderbilt is not cheap! Just an aside, I don't know if I could study going to school in such a pretty place! The few times I've driven through the Valley have been in the fall and it was quite lovely.