YAY!! Finished the last care plan of the year!!!

  1. I just had to share....I just finished my last car plan of the year!!! I'm so very happy....doing the "done with my care plan happy dance":roll

    We have our last exam on Wednesday, it's on medication and dosage calculation, shouldn't be too hard, I hope

    Looking forward to my summer off, getting married on June 14th

    I won't have to set foot on school property again until August 21st, and then I will only have 8 months to go, WOO HOO!!!

    Just had to share.......

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    Last Semester!!!


  3. by   Rhoresmith
    Congrats to you, Hope all goes well with your marriage have a great honeymoon hehehe !!!!!
  4. by   Rena RN 2003

    love that feeling. congrats on the upcoming wedding also.
  5. by   maire
    Care plans are o' the debil! I can relate!

    Congo rats on the upcoming nuptuals - enjoy your honeymoon.