Yahoo!two weeks off,what will you do?

  1. Yahoo!After ingesting more knowlege in 8 weeks than should be legal,we all have two weeks off.What are you going to do?I'm headed to the beach!!!!Pineapple Willie here I come
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  3. by   nurseleigh
    I've got 3 weeks off. I am going to St. Louis for about 4-5 days. Not really a vacation since i have to take my two toddlers though. Just gonna go stay with my parents for a few days, so at least i wont have to do any household chores and all. Have fun during your time off because i imagine it is gonna be a long and hard fall semester. But i am really looking forward to starting school.
  4. by   essarge
    Let's see......we've got 2 1/2 weeks. I'll start with the house cleaning, catch up on soaps and my chemistry, drug calculations, ummmmm, gee sounds like I don't really have a break!! LOL!

    I promise I will take at least one weekend to spoil myself though!

    Good luck in the fall everyone!!
  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I just finished a class last Thursday and we crammed it into 8 weeks...I now have 4 weeks to enjoy my freedom.

    I plan on organizing my house, reviewing from the past semesters, hugging the lawn chair at the pool (with book in hand) and enjoying time with my family/friends!!

    I am all for that pampering too!! Last year a friend and I ended our summer and began our semester with a day at the about relaxing!!