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Hi, I am starting my first semester of nursing school in February. I wonder if anyone knows a good website for scrubs (cheap and xs sizes)? Thanks! :spin:... Read More

  1. by   eldragon
    Quote from Megsd
    EBay! Seriously! I have found some nice-fitting scrubs for cheap ($5-9) that way. In stores, I find that Dickies fit me best, and some Cherokee styles do. It seems like even if the tag says XS, the size varies considerably, so make sure you try them on so you don't look gigantic.

    I would, however, check with your school and see if you are allowed to wear scrubs or if you have a uniform. You may not need to (or get to) worry about scrubs if you're not allowed to wear them until after graduation.
    I agree. Ebay is my source for super-cute scrubs on the cheap. I recently purchased a huge lot of Dickies scrubs - 5 pieces, with several other brand-name scrub pants and tops - and a new pair of Kloggs shoes which are SOOO comfortable - all for $9.99 plus shipping.

    It was an awesome deal, and alot of fun looking.
  2. by   Achoo!
    They now have XS at Wal Mart. Cute cargo pant styles! Mind you they are unisex though, so they are about a size 4.