Would Like to go to nursing school (ADN) in or near Boston. (More)

  1. Anyone know of any good ADN nursing schools there? I'd appreciate any feedback. Also, about cost of living and weather. Can one get around without a car?
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  3. by   Steph2078
    Hi Bella,

    I know there are many ADN programs around Boston. I am actually enrolling in one at Quincy college. Right near Boston. I know a few people that went there. They are only a community college but they have a great rep for their program. You will have no problem getting around without a car here. Trains every where. Where are you coming from? Good luck, if you need anything else let me know.
  4. by   BellaTerra2002
    From Sunny (not lately! Thank God!) Southern California!

    I have very little to keep me here. In fact, I've said for years that once I retire I'm out of here. Those of you who think living in southern California -- the Ultimate Rat Maze and Ultimate Rat Race -- is so great should be sentenced to live here for one year. We have the beach (which you can't get to during the summer) and the mountains (which you can't get in and out of during the winter unless you drive up and back in the middle of the night). We have a lot of great culture from the northern tip of LA to the southern border of San Diego. And we have very, very good schools. But my whole life is planned around traffic -- and it is miserable. Not to mention the density (population wise).

    SO, I've lived on the east coast before (Alexandria, VA), and I've lived in real cold and snow (West Germany), so I would love to try Boston for the couple of years I am in nursing school. If I like it, I could make it my home base. If I don't, I could move back here (a fate worse than death) or move on to some other place. But I have a number of Bostonians I work with and they all still love Boston/Massachusetts. One grew up in Blackburn. One goes back religiously every fall to watch the leaves turn. Another's daughter will be in college in Salem next month. But ALL of them tell me I would LOVE it.

    I hear the cost of living is high in Boston. But all I would need is a studio apartment or roommates in a regular apt. And if I don't need a car, so much the better.

    Thanks SO MUCH for your input. I'll check out Quincy.
  5. by   Steph2078
    Your Welcome! Good luck whatever you decided to do! I can get you more info if you need it. Boston is expensive!! No Doubt! But the further south you go it gets cheaper. I live 25 min from boston.. 15 from Quincy and it's not as bad! Here is Quincy College web site. Happy Holidays!
  6. by   Rmyers
    I live on Cape Cod. It's beautiful and there's Cape Cod Community College. It has an amazing rep and may be worth your checking out! I just did the CNA program and plan to start the RN as soon as possible. It is expensive but relative...pay is higher than other places so I think it balances. Good luck!
  7. by   BellaTerra2002
    I don't think I'll be able to live on Cape Cod unless I rob a bank or rent a room! LOL Thanks so much though. I will check out the college and the area. I know the area is SO beautiful.