Worried about getting time to pump during clinicals

  1. Hi, I have a baby due over christmas break. I was wondering how clinicals run, and if I would have time to pump , as I am planning to breastfeed. I am not sure how breaks are given etc.
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  3. by   goodstudentnowRN
    hmm...You will get a 15 minutes break. If you have an instructor who is compassionate she might give you enough time to pump while another watches your patient. I have a student in my clinical group who is doing the same thing and she does not have a problem so far...you will be okay.
  4. by   JomoNurse
    I really don't know how this will be handled at your school. My school was fairly strict - we had to be doing something for the patient when we were in clinical, unless we were at lunch. Our lunches lasted an hour. How long are yours? Maybe you can pump then?
  5. by   CrunchyMama
    Congrats to you! Anyway....I've been a SAHM so I haven't had to deal with breastfeeding AND working. But my sister works and she goes into her bosses office to pump and keeps the milk in her little breastmilk storage bag in the fridge (clearly labeled, lol). Hopefully you'll have an understanding clinical intructor. If not you can always pull out the "I have laws to protect me" card. Oh and hopefully you're a fast pumper, lol. Good luck!