working full time while in school?

  1. I am entering a program in fall of 2003 and planning to work full time as well. Is this something that I should seriously reconsider, or is it possible? I have a husband and a dog, luckily we don't have any kids yet. I appreciate every response.
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi Janet,

    Yes, I would reconsider. A lot of programs that I have looked at don't even recommend working part-time, some go so far as to not let you work. But it can be done. It really depends on you and what type of program you are going into. I would say for the average student though, that you would have real trouble going through an RN program and Working FT.

    However, you don't say what type of program you will be starting. Is it ASN, BSN? Is it night school or day classes, through a hospital? Will you just be taking pre-req's in the fall or will you be doing clinicals? All of these factors will affect your ability to work while in school.

    Give us some more info and maybe we can offer you some suggestions and tell you about our experiences.

    Good Luck,
  4. by   jnicoley
    The program is an ASN and it is during the days. I am getting my p-rs out of the way this coming fall and spring. The program director said without taking any classes before hand, that everything would go from 8am to about 5pm mon-fri. I'm getting everything I can in between now and then. So I am thinking that my load will not be as hectic as she suggests. The time she stated includes clinicals.
    Thanks for your input.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Janet, Welcome!

    It is a persoanl call. Some can work full time and maintain a full time course load which includes clinicals, and other cannot and there are some of us in the middle of the previous two mentioned.

    If I may, why not try very hard to get ahead, if this is possible with saving and then cut back on hours when clinicals start.

    You will know what to do once you start and what works best for you and your spouse.

    Much continued success to you!

  6. by   MPHkatie
    Depending on your type of job. If you have flexible hours and can do some work on the weekends...

    I was a nursing student at a top school in our state. I worked Full time at a hospital 1.5 hrs from my home, and maintained a 3.9 average. I had some time to run and have a small social life as well. I had a serious boyfriend who I lived with, and the dog. So it is totally possible, but it depends on your level of commitment to your job and your grades....I had to work and go to school so I chose to be extremely committed to both, it paid off with a job offer from every hospital I worked at (one summer I worked in two different ED's to earn extra cash).

    Despite this, I do agree with Stephany, save a lot and try to get ahead, because you just don't k now whats going to occur that can throw a money wrench in the plans. But you really CAN do it, if I can (I'm a fairly average human), ANYONE can.
  7. by   jnicoley
    thanks alot for all of your input and encouragement
  8. by   promises
    Hi Janet,
    I think we're on the same boat. I will start taking my prereqs this summer and God willing will start the nursing program fall 2003. I will also be working fulltime. I need it to pay my bills. Anyway, I don't know how I'm going to do it but I know that God will be my guide and He will give me strength. God bless you!!!!
  9. by   babynursewannab

    I worked full-time with a 3 hour/day commute when I started school again while I was married with children (now I'm divorced but NOT because of school). For a BSN program, I took 3/4 credit load on evenings and weekends. That may not be possible for you, but it was the main reason I was able to return to school.

    I got my prereq's out of the way this way. I have a 4.0 so it can be done well. It's just really, really hard. However, if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

  10. by   tripletmom
    Maybe you could give working a try while you are in school, you never really know what you can do untill you try. I surprised myself. I worked full time through most of my school ( because I had to) I was a single mom supporting four kids. Just remember to prioitize things. I had to put school first at times no matter what it cost at the time and I have no regrets. If it gets too much back off for a while and work during breaks at school. Good Luck!
  11. by   nursetee627
    hello there i will be working 36 hr ,3 twelves sat ,sun amd mon while i go to nursing school starting in june i completed my pre-reqs the same way it was hard but you have to hang in there and complete your goals
  12. by   Shantony
    I have no choice. I have to work to pay for school. I have 3 kids and a husband and I am CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! People think I'm a little off but its the sleep deprivation. I love my job and I love my kids and I want this so bad I can taste it. Do what you have to do to get through.
  13. by   Nursemelo
    you could give it a try...from my own experience last year i had a full course load and tried to work part time and i couldn't do it. i had to cut back to weekends only and i still found that a little hard, but needed the money. if it wern't for the money i wouldn't work at all while going to school.
  14. by   Padawan-Nurse
    I work in the Trauma ICU as a unit clerk, but I plan on quieting when I arrive in ADN school. I have be told to do that if you can. But at the moment I am working while doing my basics.
    May the for be with you...