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Just how likely am I to find a program that will allow me to work and go to school? In order to financially survive, I will need to keep my work load at 3 days, (minimum.) Is the prgram I apply to... Read More

  1. by   AuntieRN
    I worked full time 6 nights a week my first 3 semesters. It was hard. My last 2 I worked 2 12s at the hospital as a tech. I worked every Fri and Sat 7p-7a. I usually had time to study while at work. My boss at the hospital was awesome with being flexible if I needed to call and cancel my shift that morning because of something to do with school. School always had to come first. Financially it stunk. In the middle of my last semester which was in the summer with 3 classes I had to take out student loans and rely on my sister to help support me financially because I just could not work. But now that I am done and have my license it was all worth it. Good luck to you!!
  2. by   cherokeesummer
    I was lucky to find a program that does evening/weekends and is full time. It is a year longer than the day program but still the same content. I worked full time and attended school until I had my son and now I'm home with im and attending school.

    It is hard to study though! When you are tired from work but you get through!
  3. by   myeds
    Hello! to tell you the truth mostly nursing programs always recommend a full time student why?? based on my experienced its stressful, and tiring At first I'm working and studying at the same time! there's a lot of assignment going on, of course study time, and care plans for clinical. At first I thought that it was ok but nope its not! I'm going school from monday til thursday and then work from friday until sunday. During sunday I'm in a hurry going home to do my homework until I'm burned out! I've realized I need to give up my work inorder for me to concentrate and focus with my study.:smackingf