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Are any of you all going to write something on your mortar board for the crowd to see from above? If so, what are you going to write? Some of us were wanting to write, "RN" on the top but now I am... Read More

  1. by   twinnurse
    Quote from caligirl
    I thought about putting "Thanks (insert hubby's name here)" because he is the reason I am getting to wear the dagum cap in the first place.
    But I probably wont put anything since we walk an entire semester early so we are not actually graduating AND our ceremony is indoors..

    When I was grad H.S. in 93 I put "I'm dope" which was a slang term back then for something like "hot" today. how LAME. haha..

    OMGoodness, I'm DY.ING here. :chuckle That is hilarious.
  2. by   LaShell
    When I graduated from vocational school with my LPN, there were a variety of occupations represented. I thought it was sooo cool all the floral students had decorated their caps with floral arrangements and wished that us nursing students had done something creative with our caps.

    No stethoscopes allowed at graduation? How about a foley bag pinned to the bottom of the gown, you could whip it out right before the walk to the stage, hahahaha. That would really get the teachers/directors. Serves em right for years of torture! They expect us not to be a little crazy at the end of nursing school, let alone happy???
  3. by   kwagner_51
    I am going to put "Thanks, Walt and 4 Jays! We did it!" Walt is my husband and my kids 1st names all start with the letter J. I want them to get some credit for my degree and they won't get it from the university.


    In His Grace,


    Failure is NOT an option!!
  4. by   kahumai
    What about writing "BSN" or "ADN"??? You wouldn't be calling yourself an RN, and it's correct b/c that's the degree you're getting, whiich you don't need to pass boards to obtain. Sounds like a cute idea, although my school would *never* allow it b/c it's a private university (read: stuffy).