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  1. I got this in an e-mail today:

    TAKE THIS EXAMPLE TO HEART: I know of no better way to illustrate the
    >of courage, persistence and perseverance than by giving you a quick
    >overview of one man's life.
    >Age 22: Failed in business.
    >Age 23: Ran for legislature and was defeated.
    >Age 24: Again failed in business.
    >Age 25: Elected to legislature.
    >Age 26: Sweetheart died.
    >Age 27: Had a nervous breakdown.
    >Age 29: Defeated for Speaker.
    >Age 31: Defeated for Elector.
    >Age 34: Defeated for Congress.
    >Age 37: Elected to Congress.
    >Age 39: Defeated for Congress.
    >Age 46: Defeated for Senate.
    >Age 47: Defeated for nomination of Vice President.
    >Age 49: Defeated for Senate.
    >Age 51: Elected President of the United States.
    >That's the record of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln's deep conviction that
    >had given him a commission to fulfill accounted for his deep humility
    >ability to push on in the face of difficulties and failures that would
    >discouraged most people.
    >No matter what difficulty you are facing today, I want to encourage
    you to
    >persevere. Hold on and never, ever give up! As long as you are headed
    >the right direction, even the baby steps count.
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    Saw this before but interesting re-read.