Wish me luck...my meeting is tomorrow!

  1. I've already thrown up about 3 times just this morning Nervous eh? lol
    Tomorrow morning I have my first meeting with the Nursing faculty at my intended University. I am scared, excited, nervous.....
    I want to make an incredible impression! I'll only have 15 minutes with them and I want to make the most of that time.

    So, can anyone offer any tips for me to stay calm and relax tonight? Hubby has been helping me go over my questions to ask them and I feel confident with them.

    Sigh. Please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow!
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  3. by   krissypoo
    Good luck to you.......haven't been there but i would say, be yourself, usually seems to do the trick for those whom are so passionate about the work.... Krissy
  4. by   manna
    Is this an admission interview or just an informative/counseling meeting? Either way, good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine!
  5. by   ARmickie
    I can't offer any words of advice/wisdom.. but I can offer you my prayers in the matter. I have to go to my first interveiw in a few weeks, and I'm sure I'll be feeling the nerves then too. But, I'm curious as to the questions you are going to ask them. Care to share a few?
  6. by   manna
    Some of the questions I asked my school:
    NCLEX pass rate, retention, information about clinical rotations/student-faculty ratios, waitlist?, number of students accepted, admissions criteria (averages - grades, etc), costs of attendance, scholarship/financial aid (department specific), number of non-traditional students in the program, student organizations (nursing related)...

    There's plenty of things you can ask, just brainstorm a bit
  7. by   Truly_Blessed
    Best of luck to you. Seems like you are extremely prepared. Relax...you will do great.