Will this affect my future career as an RN? - page 3

So I am in my last semester of Nursing School. I currently work as a CNA at a hospital about 40 minutes away. I have been thinking about quitting, due to this being my last semester, and that the... Read More

  1. by   Froggybelly
    I don't think it's going to matter at all that you quit your CNA job, unless you really want to work for the same employer as a nurse. If the interviewer asks, simply tell the truth- the commute was terrible and you wanted more time to dedicate to school. I never worked a day in healthcare and it took one application to get a solid job once I was a licensed RN. If anything, being seen as a job-hopper is probably more problematic than quitting a CNA job. The people hiring you understand that nursing school is stressful and CNA positions can be grueling.