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I have been reading the board for the past couple of months and have been finishing my prereqs this semester. I am starting my ADN program this summer and everything I have been reading seems... Read More

  1. by   Catma63
    It's an endurance test, pure and simple. Like Lizz said, it's a lot like boot camp. You never feel caught up and just when you think you might get a breath in there somewhere, they throw something else at you. Tests come out of the woodwork like crazy and they're hard.....very hard. Nothing like any test taken during prereqs. Just when you master Nursing Fundamentals kind of tests, Med-Surg comes along and presents you with a different kind of question...You have to use more of your critical thinking skills here but there's so much to learn before you can do that correctly.
    You'll vent too and like so many of us here, will find that this is a great place to find understanding, empathy, and encouragement.
  2. by   Altra
    Quote from RN 2005
    However, I had clinical last week and due to various scheduling changes we do not go back for several weeks. It will be torture for me!!! That is where I receive my payoff. I am so excited and thrilled to be helping my patients and I love every single minute of being there. No doubt about it - it is work and stress to be in school...but I would not have it any other way!!!
    I couldn't have said it better. Some here may remember my whining post before spring break - I was burned to a crisp. But I had a week off, slept, cleaned my house, studied a little, stared at the glowing orb in the sky which I hadn't seen for months (the Pittsburgh winter is like that :chuckle) and slept some more. Yesterday was my first day back, clinical, and I am so charged up again! It makes it all worthwhile.

    Nursing school takes over your life and changes you. You'll need an emotional outlet sometimes.

    Best of luck to you!